Joon vs Justice

I waited years to get Joon and now I’m 1 set of darts away from being able to max him.

But, I also have Justice nearly at 3.70.

In the next day or two I’ll get the final darts I need from POV. Now that they have buffed Justice I’m in a dilemma of who to ascend.

I have 760 Monk emblems and 152 Paladin emblems.

My current best yellows are:

4* - Lady Woolerton, The Pig and Mist all at +19, Gretel+13, Danzaburo+3, Griffin, Chao, Hu Tao, Wu Kong & Li Xiu

5* - Guardian Gazelle+19, Malosi+8, Roc+1, Bai Yeoung and Leonidas.

Who do you think my best option would be? With more very fast tournaments and wars now, plus Justice getting a buff, I’ve gone from “deffo Joon” to “hmmm, Justice or Joon?”

I could max Joon and put loads of emblems on him (or split them with Leo now that he’s also buffed) or go with Justice with less emblems for now.

Any opinions appriciated!

Joon is fast and hits like a tank. Justice is slow and tickles like a kitten if not emblemed.

No contest, especially since you have the emblems for Joon and not for Justice.


Those were my original thoughts mate but I have Bai that does ok damage and blinds at fast speed and Malosi who does ok damage at very fast. I do need a big hitter in yellow but the very fast wars and tournaments is what is making me look at Justice

Justice new 285% damage, boosted by Gazelle +100% attack could be lethal and I don’t have a single ‘hit all’ hero in yellow too

I have both (Justice and Joon) and generally play Mist.

I feel like Justice’s only place is fast tournaments/wars but even there… healers/debuffers are fast too.

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I love fast heroes, so when you wrote you have a lot more emblems for Joon, that sealed my vote for Joon.

Otherwise, the next Costume Chamber is coming up on 6 May, so you may want to hold until then (due to small chance for getting Justice and Joon costumes).

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That’s a great point about the chamber…Will try to hold my decision until then

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Your key hero you have there is Guardian Gazelle. Any hero with her Spirit Dance make them deal twice as more damage and take only half of the damage usually dealt by the enemy. The question is, do you prefer killing one enemy hero or greatly maim (or left dying) anyone on the opposing board.

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That’s the thing mate, I have two decent sniper(ish) heroes in Bai and Malosi, no super sniper like Joon. But I on the other hand I have 0 hit all yellows which Justice is…

I have a hero retrain due tomorrow so will wait and see what I get there too. Probably another dupe!

I was kinda thinking Malosi and Bai can hit, then Justice to wipe a few out with remaining damage (in that order due to their speeds)


If only your Justice have her costume, I would easily pick her up over Joon. With that highly emblemed Gazelle of yours, she is very very sturdy, enough for her to survive most hits for her to cast her dance and HoT.

I have 2 Gazelles, each at +7 and each leading 2 monoyellow teams, one AOE (Drake+19, Rana+20 and Onatel+20, with Guillinbursti+19 as healer) and the other is a sniper team (Uraeus+20, Poseidon+7 and Joon w/ MCB, with Lady Woolerton as healer). My AOE yellow heroes doesn’t deal very huge damage, even if they are emblemed on all swords path, compared to my snipers against a single enemy, but with Gazelle, they hit as if they are pseudo-snipers, not to a single enemy hero, but to the target and nearby.

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Do not underestimate a 285% justice now. Got my ■■■ kicked by 280% horghall. It was not fun

Fast heroes you can use anytime anywhere 100% of the time, slow heroes (unless her name is Alfrike) you’ll probably only get the most out of 20% of the time, and then you’d have to use up precious 4* mats and tie up emblems for that. It’s honestly a pretty easy choice IMO, but then again I have a serious bias against slow heroes, and have not leveled a single slow 5* except Alfrike, and I don’t regret my decisions one bit.

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