Season III Out Now! πŸ“―

SEASON III IS OPEN NOW - welcome to Valhalla and beyond! :postal_horn:

First Season III Provinces & Valhalla event will unlock on 2020-02-27T07:00:00Z!


:world_map: New Season III Map! Explore the Nine Realms of Valhalla and fight new enemies. New Provinces for Season III unlock monthly. The Season III stages can be completed on two different difficulty levels: Easy difficulty and Hard difficulty. All stages feature Runic Rocks, special tiles that can’t be moved but have a special effect when matched. Some stages have also Special Rules in effect.
:cyclone: New Summon: Valhalla Summon! New limited-time monthly Summon, featuring brand new Season III heroes! All Season III heroes have an additional Realm Bonus. Available Season III Legendary heroes change each month. Each Valhalla Summon has a chance for a free extra Summon of the Hero of the Month. Valhalla Summon includes a Bonus Ascension Item Chest that is awarded for every 10 summons.
:tickets: New Item: Valhalla Coin! Earn Valhalla Coins by completing each Season III stage. The coins are awarded at first completion, on both difficulties.
:crossed_swords: Plus new Season III Missions!


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