📯 Valhalla Coins Availability Discussion/Feedback – Season 3 (Valhalla)

I’ve created this thread to separate any discussion/feedback about the availability of Valhalla Coins.

:thinking: Are Valhalla Coins available in loot anywhere other than completing Season 3 Stages?

UPDATE March 6, 2020


I asked the Small Giant Staff this question, and got back the answer:

Please discuss feedback on Valhalla Coin availability in this thread.

:hammer: Valhalla Coin Information

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So, can I cry in this thread for not getting a 100 free coins gift from SG? A weak cry, as there are already giving 'em for completion, and giving us free summons, but still.
Please SG, when this seasons is completly releases give us orichalcum mountain trolls or something the like.
And sorry if I’m in the wrong thread, remove the post or wathever you need.


No, this is the perfect place to cry about that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I made this thread thinking there’d be feedback on the lack of Valhalla Coins in loot, and certainly for discussion of them not being gifted for launch either.

I’m actually surprised there isn’t more discussion of that — maybe people care less than I anticipated. :man_shrugging:


Was Atlantis coins part of loot when they first come out? If not then sgg just sticking to the same game plan.
Down the line prob we be added to loot still early days.:+1:

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I was also surprised that no free coins were given. I don’t know if this is the best place or not, but I also was hoping SGG would gift us some extra hero slots, given the new heroes plus the whatever-the-opposite-of-imminent-is release of the Hero Academy.

I don’t think NOT doing either of these is 'bad. Just a missed opportunity for SGG to score some easy goodwill. But it’s not a big deal.


Yes, Atlantis Coins were actually added to loot before Season 2 was released.

Not having Valhalla Coins in loot is a departure from how Season 2’s launch was handled.


IMO, everywhere atlantis coins are given (except in the atlantis of course) should be replace with S3 coins. This includes (but not limited to) tournaments, wanted chest, war chest, rare titans, and mystic vision

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Better to have both coins in the loot and chests. If the coins are replaced then at some point S2 heros and old hotm can be obtained only via gems .

This might again reduce the gem occurance but it will help F2P to an extent.


I personally would preffer addition over replacement. They already got it right with the costume keys, so this is intentional. I’m not happy with it, but I’m f2p and so my politic is “you don’t pay, you don’t complain”.
Criying a bit is other thing, but I have already done that.


Ok cool they gave coins in loot well guess they becoming more stingy then :scream::wink:


Sure I would prefer addition over replacement, but this is SG we talking about. Are you sure they got it right with the costume keys? Have there been enough analysis to say that SG made an addition there? They could of simply reduced the odds of gett EHT or atlantis coins and added in the keys, with such low odds how can we realistically tell?

Hey! Just saw this where it says, Valhalla Coins can be obtained from Wanted chests and Rare Titan battles. :grin:


It says the same in the spanish version! Yay, that is great.

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It says different in the inventory .

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Says different on the offer too🙆‍♂️


This is very confusing.

I sure hope SG add the Valhalla Coins to loot just as the Atlantis ones. Including the next PoV…

I don’t see a reason to be so stingy about the coins. It takes 100 to pull a hero, it’s not like keys or Challenge Event tokens.


I’ll admit, I personally was hoping for free coins. At least 100 would have been nice. After all, they did give us enough keys for a free pull when they first released the costume gate.


As someone who is relatively new to the game and still has most of the Atlantis heroes missing from the roster, would not be happy to see the Atlantis coins in loot chests replaced with Valhalla ones. Would much prefer they are in addition to the Atlantis ones, even if it is set up so that you could get either but not both from any single chest.


I am also crying about the lack of Valhalla coins. I was talking up opening our war chest to my alliance until I woke up this morning, I opened it and saw (crickets), then checked the messages for the complementary 100 coins (crickets)


I am actually kind of disappointed that we haven’t received any coins for at least one pull! As a F2P (proudly for some months now) I will have to wait with my first Valhalla pull until the next time, because I cannot afford a gem pull at this moment. :cry:
The amount of world energy for 100 Coins from the maps is huge with all these chests, quests, missions around.

I guess there aren’t many people complaining because there’s no point in doing so and they just accept it (just like me).


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