Season 3 Sneak Peek Discussion

A single image promo has been released:

This thread is for discussion, and wild speculation based solely on the limited artwork shown :smirk:

Update 2019-11-22

Update 2019-11-25

tap image to open larger view that you can pinch and zoom

Update 2019-11-27

The first round of Season 3 Beta testing has opened.

You can find information about the Season 3 Heroes in Beta here: 🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26 & V27]

Update 2020-02-05

The first round of Season 3 Province & Gameplay testing has opened.

You can find out about that here: 🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Provinces & Gameplay [Part of The Beta Beat V27]

Update 2020-02-07

Update 2020-02-11

The first round of the Season 3 Valhalla Summon Portal testing has opened.

You can find out about that here: 🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Valhalla Summon Portal [Part of The Beta Beat V27]

Update 2020-02-11

Update 2020-02-13

Update 2020-02-18


Greymane got jacked!!! :muscle: :rofl:


So are we looking at a Viking, Norse God, Folklore S3?

Very excited to see this.


It seems to me clearly a reference on north mithology.

  • the guy with the horn: Odin
  • the girl on the back seems a Valkyrie
  • the wolf: Fenrir
  • the woman: probably Freja
  • not sure about the squirrel :sweat_smile:

Cool and all, but i would be happier knowing something about hero accademy first.


Brienne’s tailor seems to have a new client too. :skull:


So Atlantis to Asgard…question is what the hero scaling is going to look like…will S3 heroes be scaled against classic heroes & be comparable to Atlantis summons or
Will they be scaled against Atlantis heroes and render classic heroes completely useless.



Looking forward to some new heroes.

I am guessing Norse mythology. Seeing they are hinting at becoming a god perhaps something where you travel through the world tree as a map and make your way through the different worlds to fight Odin at th end?

Something like that I am guessing.


Power creep over vanillas is already 5% with the new event heroes so it wouldn’t surprise me to see it go further. Hopefully costumes can close the gap.


Or Loki or even Giants


In Norse mythology the squirrel would be Ratatosk. It runs up and down the world-tree Ygddrasil carrying messages between the eagle at the top and the dragon Nidhog chewing the roots at the bottom.

My guess is that the one with the horn is Heimdall. With two eyes he’s unlikely to be Odin IMO.


Squirrel would be Ratatoskr


First liked in the Sneak Peak Announcement Thread (like that will ever happen again). I think I briefly saw @Petri making the post before it was changed to @EmpiresPuzzles, guess he doesn’t want to take credit, as he is getting ready for Petri Day.

Are we going to assume that further updates / installments / seasons will start taking on mythological references of other cultures too? Atlantis was a bit of Greek, and Season 3 will be Norse based, personally, I am not too sure I am liking the direction the game is taking, I liked E&P because it had its own set of rudimentary (albeit needing work) season 1 backstory, but at least characters are original and that’s one thing I’ve always liked about E&P, but going for mythological characters/references of established cultures seems to be a bit of a deviation from originality and somewhat responsive/reactionary measure (to a certain myth based puzzle game out there). Sure occasional mythological characters / references from other culture is nice, but not for the sake of creating original characters by thrusting into a new pantheon.

Just my two Atlantis Coins.


I’m loving the Valkyrie outfit :heart:


Also…is the Atlantis Rising nerf related to opening up another week for Season 3 summons?

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So, after Myth-you-know-what, next season will have gods?

Really clever SG, well done °slow claps°


I think it’s more closely related to upcoming Costume Quests.


I was hoping for E&P goes to Planet Vegeta but I’ll take it.


Season 3 is in the works for quite some time.

I’m not sure they would ditch all the planning and work because they have a copycat that goes to Mythology for “inspiration”


I agree, this concept likely vastly predates that — but the long wait to announce a preview means that comparisons like @Kenneth has drawn will inevitably be made.


S1 Fire heros have obvious African culture over tones

S1 Holy has Asian themes

Sands is arabic

This is SGs bread and butter.

Personally I love their themes and see zero issues with it.


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