Season 2 Nysa normal

Hi, I am trying to work through S2 but I am struggling. Tried different teams, bombs and arrows. The team I used this time was: Sartana, BT with 8 emblem, Grimm with 12, Caedmon with 6 and Kiril with 11. I made it but barely. I would appreciate some advice on what the best way to do the seasons is. I am also struggling with Atlantis. and Season 3.

I’d try to stack against a boss. Like, if a boss is blue, take 3 green (Skittleskull, Gadeirus and Caedmon or Little John), Boldtusk as a healer and attack booster and, may be Cyprian or Chao fir mana control. Reposte is convenient against bosses that hit all.


Thanks, will give that a try next time.

I would generally go Wu Grazul Wilbur Scarlett and BT. Red stacks like these are pretty good because you have 2 heals and a damage modifier.

I would recommend only using arrows and axes for bosses because other options are quite costly like tornadoes or bombs.

Other than a red stack putting emblems in Cyprian would not be bad. I find him to be pretty good vs bosses and higher levels because the enemies will essentially kill themselves.

If you stack Cyprian and Kiril and fire both the enemy bosses will deal fully damage to themselves while Kiril’s defense up will lower the damage to your heroes.

Hope this helped!

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My emblems for a paladin are with Sonya and I don’t have any other emblems now to give to Cyprian.

I agree with the advice above, to change your team depending on the stage.

Stacking 3/2 colors really helped me on the world map. The tile damage becomes stronger.

Not sure how many of these you already tried, so forgive me if I am advising something you already know.

A good tactic? Kill all enemies in each wave except one. Keep that enemy alive while you charge all heroes’ mana. And if your heroes are low on health, stay in that wave until you can heal up. (I would keep charging my Kiril over and over until my heroes were all healed… THEN I would kill the last enemy with tiles to go to the next stage). As your heroes are charged, fire all the offensive specials in the new stage. Kill as many enemies as quickly as possible, to reduce the damage you take.

Send tiles into the empty space to charge your heroes twice as fast (this is called ghosting).

Make sure your specials are all charged before entering the boss stage.

Also try NOT to bring the weak color against the boss. Unless you are really bringing a game-changer hero. Although, I think your only healers are Boldtusk, Grazul and Kiril, so that limits your options a bit.

If you are having trouble I would recommend bringing 2 healers always… but as you get better, Kiril might be enough (yes, he doesn’t heal as much, but he also gives a defense boost which will reduce damage for the next few rounds; and if you combine Wilbur and Boldtusk, the defense boost from Wilbur will help make sure that BT’s heal is enough).

Practice trying synergies between your heroes. You are already doing that with Grimm and Kiril. And Cyprian and Kiril was suggested earlier.

Some other good combos in your team:

  1. Li Xiu + Chao + Little John make a good combo against bosses because of their mana control, although you lack healers in Green/Yellow so I would not try this for now.

  2. Boldtusk + Wilbur + Scarlett. Scarlett hits hard and reduces boss attack, BT buffs her attack, Wilbur lowers boss defense AND boosts your own defense. You will deal massive damage while grealty reducing what you take.

Good luck.

Thank you. That was also most helpful. Could I try Li + Chao + LJ and Kiril and BT?

I have been trying to get a new 4* for a while now. But have been a tad unlucky there. I stopped trying the season because I got frustrated but it is time to try it again.

Glad you found it helpful. Yes, I think Li / Chao / LJ / Kiril / BT would work.

I would also experiment with Li / LJ / BT / Wilbur / Chao, you do lose one healer, but Wilbur also has a defense buff. LJ and Li hit everyone, combined with BT attack boost and Wilbur defense down, will do great damage.

Good luck with your future summons :slight_smile: and Training Camp 20 has been a very good source of 4* for me, too. Rigard would be very useful.

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