Few questions

Hello all,

As the title says I have a few questions:

  1. I would like sone help in my defence team. Is my current team good or is it wise to make a change?


  2. I am currently unable to progress in season 1 and 2. I am stuck at season 1 Provence 23 and season 2 Provence 19. What strategy and teams can I use to progress there?


Have you tried color stacking for the levels that you are stuck at? That is what I did. Although the wall you are stuck at in season 2 is what I was stuck at for a while myself, your team power is pretty good along with your defense team. Do you know what arena you want to consistently stay in?

I ask that because if you want to move up in platinum and eventually into diamond you are gonna need another tank other than Kashhrek. Other than that, I would personally swap Grimm with Chao in terms of positions because it is ideal to have the fast snipers flanking the tank so that they can punish attackers fast.

I have tried different teams including stacking colour. Even with bombs I can’t really progress. Never gave arena any notice, I only know I want to progress and go through the seasons. When it comes to Atlantis, should I use an Atlantis hero team for the bonus?

@Phoenix13 You only get the family bonus on different heroes in the same family, dupes do not count towards them. It is mainly synergy in your stacking to be thinking about. Example, Triton stacks good with any healer as the second part of his special increases health gained from healing. And in the seasons, health items.

If you want to stack, a 2-2-1 Is usually pretty good. Unless you got heroes like Proteus (yes I do take Lord Fishface with me everywhere in the game. Barring areas where dark is reflected.) where you can take to nearly all areas of the game. And trust me once you get Proteus, he is a total game changer and well worth pulling for in Atlantis.

Try li xui BT kash Wilbur chao for 23/11

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Tried the combo you suggested, even with bombs I can’t make it.Oh well.

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It can be done! I done it with 4* think I took jackal kiril kash falcon chao

Season 2 I basically cleared it with chao cyprian kash falcon kiril up till maybe 21-22 then had to start switching it up!

After a few times I managed to make it.

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Well for ye ol Dark Lord, his mana regens fairly slowly.

This is who I did it with but as long as you stack the holy for this level, You’ll be okay. It can be done without Proteus, but he just makes it that much more manageable.

Try Chao, Wu Kong, Grimm, BT, and Wilbur for season 1. Chao is fast mana so as long as the yellow tiles keep coming you can keep the Dark Lord’s mana down.