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Hi, I am unable to do the last bit ion Atlantis normal, so I want to try season 3. I made it to province 2 before on auto farm and then I started struggling. The team I am using is: BT, Gormek, Cyprian, Scarlet and Kiril. Any advice?

Do you have any mana controllers? Like Hansel, Gretel, Merlin or Proteus? They help a lot. Do you have Wilbur?
IMO autofarming and color stacking is not a great combo, what other options do you have in green and yellow?

Hi, I have Wilbur but none of the others you mentioned. In green I have Little John, Caedmon, Kashh, Skittle,Gadeirus, Gobbler at 3/53. For yellow I have Hu at 3/60, Chao, Li, Wu, and Justice at 4/53. For healers I have BT and Gazul and Kiril.

Wilbur will increase the survivability of your team, I would bring him into the team.
Can you share your roaster, maybe is easier that way.
From the heroes you shared, you can maybe try something like:
Kiril, Wilbur, Cyprian, Gadeirus, Justice
Another option is:
Kiril, BT, Wilbur, Skittleskull, Justice

Remember that the order matters, because the specials fire from the left to right

Edit: In case it helps, my autofarming team is: BT, Tarlak, Santa Claus, Vivica and Sartana

She’s asking about offense so the specials fire in the way you click them :wink: Just not to confuse things

what you said still applies but only to defense

Edit: Just read about playing auto, forget my comment lol what you said is totally relevant :wink:

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My roster is here in another thread I made:

Cool, thanks. So after having a look IMO the teams I shared previously are your best options, so if you are ok with it, you can give them a try and check how they work.
You have covered the attack and defense buffs with Kiril and Wilbur (and even Boldtusk), you have 2 healers, 1 riposte/attack debuff, and defense debuff with Wilbur. As well as Justice and Wilbur to improve the survivability.

Thanks, I will give it a try.

Let us know how it goes :+1:

I prefer wu Hong because eventhough he has weak spot of missing but if not missed then his special is beast , I used wu Hong in my team to finish Normal and hard mode of season 3 upto which is opened so far

I used the team that was suggested to try the Atlantis Boss normal, and I am very very confused. I am at Heart of Atlantis province 10 and killed the Boss twice now, only to discover I have to start over again? I kill her and then I get another?

You mean Ursena? Yeah when you kill her she comes back in Titan form (weak spot, etc) and you have to kill her again. After that she’s dead for good.

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I have killed her twice. How many times does she come back?

Normal and titan mode , only 2 times , what colour enemy purple or green ? I think u refer atomos sometimes

She came back after you killed her twice in a row or did you kill her twice in separate runs?

She comes back only once - that makes killing her twice win the level. The 2nd time she comes on she’s bigger and looks like a Titan match.

In the video below you can see that at around the 5:40 mark

I really thought I killed her twice already. Probably my frustration talking. Will try again.

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Go for it, good luck! Don’t forget that if you hit the weak spot she gets “stunned” just like a titan. Also I believe she dispells all your buffs every 4 or 5 turns, there’s a counter somewhere in the screen after she turns into a titan :slight_smile:

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Well i mean she was talking about autoplaying so it does matter then lol

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