Season Two Power

Hello there guys. I’ve recently beat season 1 with a team power of 3100. Wasn’t to in a hurry to beat it. But it felt really easy as I waited so long to improve my team. I now have a TP score of 3320. My question is, is that now strong enough to beat season 2? And what TP where you at when you beat it. Talking about Normal levels. Looking forward to reading responses.

Tp is not everything.
Hero strength, special skill and team synergy is what’s really important in S2
I am pretty sure you can start S2 on normal mode and clear some provinces without real problem.
2 healers and at least a dispeller will greatly help.
If you have someone with spirit link, it might help during the few last stage, where the bosses hit really hard
If you have some sort of mana control, it will greatly help as well.
Knowing your roster might help give more precise advices
If you have cleared S1, your team will be strong enough to start S2
So give it a try :+1:

Thanks for the reply. Here is a list of all my 4 and 5 stars. I have hu Tao tucked below.

I want to get as far as possible to get as many pulls in the next Atlantis. I was farming the first province for backpacks.
Edit. Team 1 just the slots I use to put in the hero’s I’m currently leveling so I don’t have to search for them.

You might get far with a team like

Hel - Kiril - Cyprian - Gormek - Caedmon

Cyprian will be very useful against hard-hitting boss.
If you feel like you are lacking a healer, once Sabina is leveled, you could take her instead of Caedmon or Kiril
Hel should be your MVP. Merlin or Li can come in dual-bosses stages
You should have plenty of coins for next Atlantis :wink:


Sweet I’m going to give it a shot now. Im Working on her fast as I can. Food is a problem as usual. Thanks for recommending the team setup as might not have brought cyprian. That was my first 4 star.

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Sorry to jump in.
I’m at province 10, level 5, my team base power is around 3100.
You have some better heroes than me, most of my 4’s are not maxed yet, so i believe, you should be able to clear the normal levels, and some hard ones. I did S2 1/ 1-2 -3 H already.
It is easier than S1 15 and up to start.
My 2 cents.
Have fun.

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