Season 2 struggle


I am struggling even with a few healers to progress with season 2. Am also lacking materials for potions/bombs.

Some advice would be great.

Easy mode can be finished with Cyprian, BT, Wu, Kiril and Grazul, for example. Riposte really helps.
For hard mode - maybe this team will also works, but I am only halfway on hard with C.Rigard, C.Mel, Boril, BT and Wu.

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Normal difficulty or hard?

You have a nice roster.

I didn’t even stack strong colors when I completed the easy stages.

Maybe try : one healer, one debuffer like Grimm or Tiburtus, one buffer like Kiril or Boldtusk, one or two damage dealers and a riposter like Cyprian.

For the hard mode I stack 3-2 against the boss. It’s working pretty well but I’m only at province 12.

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I am not on hard yet. Currently on 25 outer wall. Did you use potions or other items?


I am on easy. Can’t imagine ever doing hard:). Sartana hits well I think and maybe then Scarlett?


Only some minor healing and minor mana. Maybe occasionaly axes and arrows. No items is more than 2*.

Without Wu and riposter it is too difficult, I guess.

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Will give it a try. Thanks

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Just place Cyprian in center, please. Because you need more counterattack. And time Grazul to not to catch Proteus’s mana stop.

So this team could work?


Grazul alone is bad healer (not bad hero, but her main purpose is to block debuffs, heal is bonus). Gadeirus at the wing is bad placement.
I do not like this team.
I posted my suggestion earlier:



Where are my hitters if I use this team?

You do not need any. Bosses will hit Cyprian and die. Mobs will die from Wu’s strong tiles.
And your healers wii just outheal any incoming damage then.


Thanks, I will give it a try when I can.

Good point. Just remember, than

Grazul will protect you from debuffs on VF speed, and gives you some heal. I can use Rigard, but I do not see him in your roster.

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Here are the teams I mostly use

Melendor - Isarnia - Telluria - Kiril - Caedmon (blue bosses and minor red enemies).

Isarnia - Telluria - Kiril - Melendor - Sonya (red bosses and minor blue enemies).

Joon - Cyprian - Domitia - Rigard - Chao (Wu Kong) (yellow bosses and minor purple enemies)

Joon - Rigard - Domitia - Wu Kong - Chao (purple bosses and minor yellow enemies)

Boldtusk - Isarnia - Gormek - Kiril - Scarlett (green bosses and minor red enemies)

And so on… It worked fine for me with the attack multiplier. So 3 heroes of a strong color against the boss or main enemies and 2 heroes of the second strongest color for the others, with healers, dispellers and purifiers when I can which saves me antidotes, potions…

Also, having good dispellers (like Caedmon, Melendor, Sonya) and good purifiers (like Rigard) are very important against bosses.

Ever since I discovered how quickly damage is dealt and special skills are charged with 3-2, 4-1 or mono, I’m an addict and use it everywhere! I only use rainbow in low level quests now.


I have only used Wu in titan battles. Unfortunately I don’t have levelled 5 except Sartana. Still praying everyday for Rigard. I have 5* to put a team together but it will take a long while to level them up. Justice is getting there though. Then it is waiting for the mats.

I think this is a playstyle preference. I prefer to run a riposte team for quests, because they can even autofarm difficult quests.

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@Phoenix27 Try multiple combos but I think you can do an interesting and very effective def/attack down combo:

Wilbur, Gormeck, Tibs, Scarlett, Kiril. (edit: I wrote rigard meaning tibs, whoops lol)

This lineup will soften up your enemies while keeping your guys relatively tough. Having three guys with def down helps you make sure that the enemy is pretty much always def down.

Stacking red means your tiles should do solid damage, so try and get as many red tiles on your board right before you reach the boss levels. You can do this by leaving one enemy alive in the second to last round and just continuously ghosting tiles until you have a lot of red.

Use your consumable boosters, dont listen to people who say they arent necessary, they exist to help. Arrows and the cheaper antidote/mana potions are especially effective. Use mana potions to juice Kiril when your team needs healing and use arrows when you reach bosses to keep them from landing blows on you. Use antidotes when your team is debuffed, poisoned, or whatever.

Let me know how this works out for you? Sometimes the synergy from a good 4* line up can outperform simply using your 5*.

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