Mechanic: quicker mana charge (ghosting tiles)

I discovered something by myself recently, so i want to share it because this is a misenderstood or unknown mechanics for some peoples and it involve mana generation. This information is good to know when raiding.

When you hit an ennemy your gauge will charge normally, and ennemy’s gauge also.

In later battle, you may notice that you gain mana faster as the battle progress.
Well its not complicated to understand why.

Its because you gain more mana if you do lines into blank.
Ennmy’s mana will get mana slower because you dont touch him, you will also get mana quicker. I noticed that when i fought some titans, i can use the 2 extremities of the board to charge my heroes quicker with some luck. In raids, its harder because you need to get rid of the tank first.

The mana generated by ghost tiles is doubled usually. :
Very fast --> 3 tiles (6)
Fast --> 4 tiles (8)
Average --> 5 tiles (10)
Slow --> 6 tiles (12)
Very slow --> 7 tiles (14)

This can lead to save you from some sticky situations during your adventure.


  • use this method to kill annoying healers on the side in war, the quicker the abilities are charged, the better you can do serious damage without healing himself infinitely. The abilities must be offensive.

  • killing the tank in war gives better opportunities to your allies as you get rid of an annoyance and you open space for ghostling tiles. I do this method if the remaining of my heroes are 3*. Its crucial for your teamate to get rid of tank.

  • titan : you can use the blank during titan fight to do a quick charge especially for your heroes that need to be charged ASAP (wukong/wilbur are great examples)

I hope it helped :slight_smile:


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