Scarlett or Kelile

I like kelile costume a lot but Scarlett is pretty good too.
Planning on limit break one of the two after i emblem them to +20.
Another option is Colen.
Any idea on who to limit break?

  • Kelile Costume
  • Scarlett (CB)
  • Colen Costume

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I think if you HAD to level any of these, I’d go with Kelile first but to improve the original. Then Scar. Then Colen. K is underrated as S1 hero. Scar is great tile damage but so squishy. Colen at slow is meh, but costume bonus or rush war/tourneys he thrives in.

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Scar is fast. Colen is slow ,squishy, and he dies too easily.

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This is how they look like…
I want to be sure before embleming the rogues and before i use limit break on them

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Honestly it will be best who yah use the most in All parts of the game. Colen if I had to choose but I use falcon and wilbur with him = death.
But I’d limit break falcon or wilbur before colen.


In my 4* Red mono, I use Colen, Falcon, Boldtusk, Wilbur and Scarlet.
So Colen gets my vote
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Out of those three, possibly Scarlett for titans? But not sure any of them really shine out as limit breaker candidates

If you have BT, Wilbur or Falcon, I would suggest any of them first as they have a broader use case

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Original question, Kelile or Scarlett?
Scarlett, i still use here on titans with the high tile damage. :grin:


As others have said it depends on how often these heroes are used and how they’re used.

Scarlett is praised for tile damage (mine is +19 and like 900 A or so), which is high. That being said an axe can do what her special does to potentially more enemies if there are more then 3. That would also be less resources then leveling a 4* and embleming to +20 for A drop. Lots of other heroes also drop A even in the vanilla group if you’re F2P/C2P

Kelile gets a disproportionate amount of hate here in general. Really if she is emblemed on the attack path (mine is +19 and 800 A) she hits pretty darn comparably to a 5* (Marjana). I did a comparison:

While she is also more durable then Scarlett, neither are actually durable. They live or die by the rogue talent.

Truthfully in a vacuum with no other info Kelile may be my choice. A red sniper with good DoT isn’t as common as in other hero colors. I also think most rosters benefit by having 1 suitable sniper in each color. 800 A is hardly simply a “consolation” to Scarlett, 800 is high as well. You can also save your rings on Marjana if you have Kelile depending on your exact situation.

Colen I have personally never been a huge fan of, but he generally holds more value then I place on him. This is mostly due to me having a maxed Azlar by the time I got him. His tile damage is in the realm with the others. He has the potential to be more destructive then the others depending on the team and scenario, but being slow has the better chance to die before firing. This gets exacerbated as you play more as it gets harder and harder to rely on fragile slow heroes in diamond and other advanced level challenges.

Really there is an argument to be made for all 3. That being aside from “why these 3.”. Again, I think Kelile personally with no other info, but not sure any would play so poorly it would be “wrong”.

I would say more roster info is helpful. If you don’t want to get that into it an equally important question is “Which one do you personally like to play with the most?”. It is your roster and just a game. Have fun playing with it too if you enjoy one over the others.

Good luck out there!



In my monored 4* diamond raid team I use both. I am genuinely more impressed by Scarlett despite her having weaker snipe effect. I’d definitely consider breaking my two Scarletts with costume bonus before I break Kelile. But that is mainly because my view of the diamond raids (fighting premium 5* with S1 4*) is that you need to have very strong tile damage to even the odds in the first several tile movements (meaning, you have to kill an opposing 5* 20-emblemed hero or even two with tile damage). Also as @Muchacho pointed out, Scarlett and Kelile have practically the same durability in a fight, but overally it’s Scarlett’s special that is more important since it drastically reduces the power of the enemy team + negates attack buffs. So for that reason she will benefit more from some more hp and defense after LB.

In addition, Scarlett (s) are a preferred weapon of choice in challenge events, so there you have another reason to break her. Plus she will be more useful than kelile in any other fight that requires high tile damage, such as the Ninja tower, the upcoming Omega quests and of course vs (mythic) titan.


I plan for Scarlett… juts like mentioned by others…

  1. She is still my highest attack stat for my titan team, I do not have Elena maxed
  2. She is very good on events
  3. I do not emblem Colen and Kelile yet
  4. Boldtusk, Falcon and Wilbur can wait, because they are sturdy (and emblemed).


Here s my roster…of the three i use colen most often with wilbur boldtusk and gkong.
My question was mostly cuz i have abundance of rogue emblems.

Well it doesn’t look like you need her for titans, so for a full 4* mono team I’d still go for her. Personally i think ill be using LBs on my Defense Heros (war or raid teams) attacker or Tanks. Still undersided lol. :+1:

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One thing to keep in mind if you’re using 4’s dropping A helps, but you can still only take so many hits from emblemed whether the A is dropped or not. Your mono tiles will have huge attack power whether you have Kelile or Scarlett. Their difference is only like 90A. If you’re cutting your tile power that close bring Wu, Ranvir, Miki, Tarlak, etc and go for broke with tiles.

Where Kelile can help is sometimes you need a high powered special to kill something fast when tiles aren’t under it and your splash specials won’t do it. To me, with red at least, the splash special is more easy to replace then that high powered single hit special.


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My reds are Marjana + 9, Boldtusk + 20 CB, Noor 3.70, Scarlett, Colen and Kelille all 4.70.

When I need a 3rd red in a stack I choose between Noor and Scarlett. I use the others in wars or NT.

I’d save the Limit aethers for 5*

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I have Scarlett and Colen with max emblems. I chose Scarlett over Kelile due to the hit 3 and not having the costumes back then. They all have their advantages and all of them are quite squishy.

Seeing your roster I don’t think your gameplay will be greatly improved by any of them. I don’t think you will go wrong whatever you choose, but I am not sure if you really need to spend the aethers on them. But if you really want to limit break one of them, I’d go with the one you already like best playing with.

This thread (Which Hero/es Do You Regret Working On? - #592 by The_Seeker) reminded me of the time when I was trying to decide whether to max Scarlett or Kelile.

So for other people that might research on this in the future, I thought to leave this written also here.

I regret limit breaking Scarlett. When researching the forum, people were saying how great she is, especially for titans. Indeed I still use her for titans, but that is the only place where I use her. Kelile proved to be a much more useful hero for me, especially for raids and wars.

I have now both of them fully emblemed and limit broken and Kelile has a much better survivability and she manages to kill often after Elizabeth hits, either from her snipe (+500 dmg) or from her burn (100/ turn * 6 turns). In the best case scenario Scarlett manages to hit twice with not a very strong hit and she dies. So now I don’t have enough Aether I to lb Cillian


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