Red team for epic events

Hi everybody! I wanted some advice on who to ascend for my red team for epic events.
I already have with emblems Bonus C Boldtusk, G. Falcon and Wilbur. I’m ascending C Scarlett.

My options are:
-Sir Lancelot
-Second c Scarlett

My initial idea was the following team:
Wilbur - Falcon - Scarlett - Lancelot - x
Which one would be better to ascend according to you, second c. scarlett or an aoe hitter like colen or sumle? Is a good idea to drop out BT because of Lancelot’s attack buff?

Unfortunately I’m short of blades and I cannot ascend all of them for now.

I saw many C. Colen on last event so this is probably best choice

And yes, its better to have Lance over BT if you want higher place

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Wilbur, BT and Sumle is my go to. Sumle’s hit with the other’s charges is certain death.

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So this was my team but when I get Colens costume (and I assume I will at some point) he will replace Sumle. But only really to save on runs for the 1 in 5 times Sumle messes it up :joy:


I’m not aiming for the top places, just good position overall without spending hundreds or forge items. In the last event it was a little bit frustrating because I was in the best 8.000 during all three days improving some scores but when I woke up and the event was finished I was 10.050.

What about cb scarlett - lancelot - cb scarlett? I have seen that +20 cb Scarlett can reach a really high attack (934). Is better Colen?

Colen deals more dmg beacasue Scarllet have minir to nearby when Colen hit all with the same % but if you don’t want use many items second Scarlett can be better choice because of mana speed

I was in top500 epic last time with Kelile as my only offensive hero (and Falcon but I don’t count him as dmg dealer) so both CB Scarlett and C.Colen will be good for you and will help you increase your score


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