Scarlett or Colen


Who do you think is better overall (whom to level first?), Scarlett or Colen?


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If you are in need of a 4 star attack down hero, then go for Scarlett. Colen is good for farming and very fast 4 star tourneys.


Depending on your roster. Share it if want better advise

have even Sumitomo and Boldtusk unleveled


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Wilbur is the best red you have at 3-60. Later for Scarlett and BT


Tbh I am more scared of Colen with talent than Scarlett in raids and wars.
Once fires, Colen is very annoying…

I have some of them

BT +3
Gormek 4.70
Colen 4.40 leveling him up
Scarlett 3.60

Decided to level Colen first since I feel that Scarlett is like a glass cannon and I have already some other reds.

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Wilbur is amazing on titans (I use him on 4 of the 5 colors), I’d do him first. Then Scarlett for green titans

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When raiding I fear Colen, never Scarlet, though she can be a surprise. Even when I had Scarlet I wanted Colen, now she sits at 1/22, never to be touched again. Colen!

Agreed. Scarlett is less versatile than Colen.

Between the two, Colen.

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Most lowerish players fear Colen because once he launches his special, it’s hard to recover from that burn effect when you don’t have Rigard to clean.
But on attack, which you will do more in this game, when you are actually playing the game, fast Scarlett also lowers the damage you take. This is very useful when facing titans, or to take down a specific target which seems dangerous when raiding.
So my vote goes to Scarlett.


Scarlett. She was extremely useful on my alt account to finish Morlovia advanced with that 3,1 k team. On my main acc I have Scarlett maxed for a long time and she’s always in my mono red stack, Colen is still 3/60 and has to wait for Kelile (need her for the trials).

I agree with this. I’d max Wilbur before either option you listed. I think that you have enough attack power elsewhere for now.

If you have to pick one or the other, I would go with Scarlett. My first Colen is at 3.60, and he’s next to get maxed after I finish Boldtusk, but right now, he generally dies before I get to use him in raids, and I don’t need him for anything else. Scarlett isn’t any tougher, but her defense debuff will keep her and her teammates alive. She also plays very well with Wilbur (though the same can be said for Colen). [edit: for context, Scarlett was my first maxed 4* red, Gormek was second, and Boldtusk is going up now. I’ll finally take Colen up because he’ll be useful for rush attack tournaments, though I have a duplicate Scarlett and Gormek that I could also level for war depth. I’m really hoping for a Wilbur at Atlantis, but we’ll see.]

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Wilbur first, of course, but that wasn’t the original question…
Still good to discuss who to level up next!

As with some others here, I’d say Wilbur is easily the best option among your reds! But personally, I’d choose Scarlett over Colen.

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Between those two, Scarlett first. She’s fast mana, her high attack stat will help kill things and her attack debuff will help her survive. Her attack debuff will make a 4/80 hit like a 2/60. However Wilbur is the best of those 3 easily. I use him against 14* titans. You will always benefit from a defense debuffer who doubles as a protecter of your team. With his buff active and maybe throw an axe at a titan, it will just tickle your heroes instead of killing them. Every hero will receive like 150 damage each instead of 1 hero just getting killed.

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In my honest opinion, it should be Wilbur, after that Boldtusk if you get later on, then Scarlett, then Colen.


I’m building my mono red challenge team.
I have now wilbur, the red Teltoc falcon, BT and gormek.
I’m now thinking between Colen or scarlett.
I think to take scarlett because of fast and can lower the hitting of the bosses.
Or is Colen for this specific case better?

Ditch gormek & use both scarlett & Colen.

Gormek has an incredibly low attack stat. Also you have Wilbur for the enemy defence down b

Scarlett and Colen are very deadly in the challenges.


@Kerpen I agree with what @Guvnor said. The bigger problem with Gormek is that his defense down debuff is weaker than Wilbur’s, even though it lasts longer.
You’ll get to maximize damage by going BT, Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett, Colen, fired in that order. With that combo, Colen is going to do huge damage, and Scarlett is going to combine with Wilbur’s buff to your team to keep you alive even longer.


Yes maybe over time :slight_smile:
I’ll start with scarlett then, after her i’ll have to do marjana for raids.
If I have enough blades by then, i can do Colen.

Wilbur Def down is not that long. Gormek is 2 turns longer and most of the time i try not to do the special at the same time.
For challenges it’s less relevant in earlier stages but still usefull later.


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