Scarlet and Colen now or Wilbur and Falcon Later?

I currently have Scarlet and Colen sitting at 3-60. Then I recently got Wilbur and Guardian Falcon, who are mostly unleveled. I have enough AMs for 2. Who do you think I should give them to?

I’m currently focusing on titans and wars.

Current Roster:



He will be of great help on all of your titans, unlike G. Falcon.

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Wilbur and Scarlet.
Falcon is not as strong as Scarlet in my opinion.

I believe Wilbur will be an unanimous choice. As for second red i would favor falcon who has not great tile damage until you fire his special which stacks with wilbur’s. IMHO all elemental debuffers (panther, jackal, falcon, arthur and december HOTM Evelyn) are worth materials


Wilbur is among the top 5 in the game, you’ll be amazed at what he’s capable of (thanks @JimMe ), then Falcon and Colen, always better than Scarlet.

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Wilbur, immediately XD
Then Falcon or Scarlett, depending on your needs…I would go for Falcon if I had it.

Wilbur, for sure. After that it depends a bit on your team and needs.

I’d lean Scarlett over Falcon, as Falcon is really a support player for a red hitter. I have him maxed and only use him on green titans when I can stack him with BT (my normal red) and Kelile. THEN he’s a killer.


Wilbur and Falcon - not only is he useful on green titans, he’s also seen a lot in events that have green mobs and bosses. Then Scarlett and finally Colen.

I must say I do like using Colen way more than I thought I would once I maxed one out of boredom…

How did you recently get Guardian Falcon???

Hands down Wilbur and Falcon

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I didn’t word that well. I’ve had Falcon sitting around unleveled since the last guardians event, which,
I guess, compared to Colen & Scarlet, whom I’ve had for several months, is recent. Wilbur was the more recent add.

Colen is pretty useless, I’ve had him sittin at 3/60 for over a year now. Haven’t regretted it. Even in wars he doesnt get used since i have more success using average, fast, and very fast mana


Is the order i would go. Don’t waste blades on colen


You are saying "Scarlet and Colen now or Wilbur and Falcon Later? "

It seems that it doesnt matter the choice since it will be the same outcome if is either now 1st or after 2nd, is it?



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No, I’m saying I have enough ascension materials for 2. Colen and Scarlet are ready to be ascended now. Wilbur & Falcon need to be leveled up before I can ascend them, so I’ll have to wait a coiple weeks. I suppose, eventually, whomever I don’t pick will still be ascended, if i don’t get any better red heroes in the mean time, but it may be weeks or months before I gain the hidden blades for them, so they will br on hold indefinitely.

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Wilbur first, I suspect you will try and get Zim, with your current roster, Zim would be able to take you to diamond arena. Your raiding party is Zim, Boltusk, Wilbur, Lancelot, Kelile ( 3 / 60 ). The team is very successful against Guinevere tank.
My current raiding party is. GM (replace by Zim if I get her), Boltusk, Wilbur, Lancelot, Kelile @ 3/60 ( waiting to max Marjana ). Check out my YouTube channel, ( E & P : SandMan ) you can see that I use mainly monochrome red, and if I want to mix it up I put Wu in, and leave Kelile on the bench.
Here is an example, I hope the practical example help with your progression. Good luck.

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If the top tank currently is Guin, by the time you max your 5* red, you have a a great foundation for a raiding team. you have already a great team of red 4*, think about their synergy, you can only improve on it with 5* up grade.

Thanks to you, I thought I try my luck and got Zim…
Current raiding team

Dream team, will take atleast 6 months