Scarlett or Kellile?

Both at 3/60. Gotta choose one to ascend. Both do similar job but anyone’s feedback for both would be awesome.

The primary use will be on the wing on defence team. I’m leaning towards Kelllile because her defence is a little higher and DOT is annoying… plus the high sniping damage.

The rest of the defence team: Kiril, Cyprian, Kashrek, Grimm, (insert red hero here)

They’re both fast hitters with Kellile having a DoT and Scarlett increasing attack for nearby allies. Kellile is single target while Scarlett hits 3 albeit with minor damage to 2 enemies. Kind of a tossup in my opinion as neither is really that good on defense. If your have to have a red and you’ve got Grimm then I’d go with Kellile

wrong… Scarlett reduces enemy attack x 3
better than Kelile;s DoT even if she had a little buff


Scarlett for the high attack stat, good for Titans and attacking, but has low defense so not great there. Kelile is more well rounded, but overall I’d rate Scarlett higher.

For defense solely though, I would go Kelile.


Scarlett is a priority red hero for her high attack stat. Kelile doesn’t have a specialty.

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I would still pick Scarlett over Kelile.

My bad reduces attack…

Thanks all. My only issue with Scarlett is how squishy she becomes when unprotected. She has never worried me on a defence team. At least Kellile can hold her own a little.

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They both aren’t fantastic but it really depends.

If you are facing the last boss of a last level of an event or rare quest, Scarlett will probably get owned in one hit.

But her attack reduction is pretty good and her damage is good too.

Kelile can hold her own a little bit but isn’t much better in defence frankly as others have said.

I would think of it as:

If you want an okayish sniper, Kelile.

If you want more crowd control, Scarlett.

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Scarlett if you have to pick one. Neither will be better than farmers, low level raiding and filling out a red team for green titans.


I had similar situation earlier, but my main focus was titans and raid, not defense. I chose Scarlett after testing out both, the high tile damage and special worked better in offensive tasks than Kelile.

I still use my Scarlet sometimes even if i have a good bench of 4* and 5* right now.
I can’t say the same thing for Kelile, so i would say Scarlet.

If you intend to play for a long time, you probably get better heroes for your defence sooner or later.
I will not focus on that with this kind of heroes, as they are both not so good for that role.


I was looking for the answer to this as I have both Scarlett and Kellie sitting in queue…need to use one of them for red stack variations with BT/Ares/Wilbur/Gormek/Marjana…seems like Scarlett is the way to go especially since Marjana is a sniper.

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Scarlett > Kelile IMO. But I’m not an expert. Best to wait for input from more experienced players.

I agree with the majority here, pointing at Scarlett. Kelile has better survivability, but Scarlett’s attack reduction is handy and her high attack stat contributes more to tile damage.

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With emblems she has insane tile damage for green titan team!



@Purpeyes wow that attack is heavy!

I think Kelille has better synergy with the OP’s Cyprian (riposte hurts the enemy more when they do more damage to you), but Scarlett has better synergy with Kiril (Kiril’s defense buff and Scarlett’s Attack debuff keep you alive longer). I also think scarlett has the generally more useful special.

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I just leveled up Scarlett to fully ascended and depending on how things go, the next Red will either be a 5* or Kellile ( since I also have her). I actually started with Kellile but Scarlett seems to do better with my team composition.

I second Scarlett as a first choice. Her attack stat and tile damage are insane (so she helps you more in color stack even if she dies early) and if you have emblems for her, her survivability improves thanks to the evade skill. Also with her tile damage boost and attack reduction you kill the enemy faster + they hit less improving the survivability of your whole team.

EDIT: I had a raid yesterday with my mono red, Scarlett evaded two (probably deadly) hits from poseidon and alasie. Together with the fighter revive skill evade is the strongest in my opinion.