Which Red to ascend...?

For once, I am undecided on which red to ascend to tier four?

Wilbur and Gormek maxed. Currently working on BT and Anzogh, but I’ve decided to ascend another red for stacking.
I guess its a tie between Scarlett and Lancelot for their high attack stats.
I am leaning towards Lancelot for being rare. With attack and mana buff too but Scarlett’s fast splash attack and buff is quite a deal too. Or Colen for the DoT?
What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance.

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Well, the only one I don’t have is Lancelot but out of the others I use Scarlett the most myself. Then Colen. I tend to use Kelile mainly for 5th and 6th attacks in wars.

Personally I find splash attackers more useful than AOE. Partly because they tend to be slow mana and often don’t get their special charged in time.


Lancelot is junk. Forget about him.

I prefer colen. His attack is deadly.

But if u wanna fast heroes. Kelile is great. And scarlett is not bad

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Opino que el mejor que tienes ahi es boldtusk,luego iría a por lancelot

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I know someone here disagrees with me but I think between Scarlett and Lance I picked Lance and glad I did. Either one is likely to die quickly but his special is way more valuable to me considering Scarlett can be replaced by an axe. I also have Colen but he’s @ 1/1 just because I don’t care for slow heroes. I maxed Kelile and she’s solid but I only did it because I got her early on and wasn’t looking for a “luxury” hero for a red stack.

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Scarlet is the best choice. Lancelot’s special is not very good. Scarlet is fast, debuffs attack, and splashes. That makes her great for farming (multihit is great there), titans (debuff titan’s attack to survive longer), and raids (she’s a staple on 4* defense teams for a reason, and is good on the offense as well).

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I think Sir Lancelot and Scarlett are both good choices. Taking into account your red roster, you have Boldtusk on tier 4. Both Sir and BT are medium, but BT’s special covers the entire team and BT is much more resistant than Sir, so you would be overwriting the attack effect and Sir’s special only covers nearby allies. Furthermore, BT could become a beast with emblems, and I don’t think Sir even at +20 will be as resistant as BT.

I have kind of the same “problem” because I received Sir in a 10x Avalon pull, but I already had BT 4/70 +7, and Wilbur also full. It would be cool if their attacks boost stacked, but this is not the case. I will maybe level up Sir one day, but I have to focus on other colors, and for now he is a very expensive toy.

To resume. If you have already BT, go Scarlett (yeah a lot of complain about how squishy she is) but paired with Wilbur you will increase her survivability, and her attack is nothing to ignore

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Colen is indeed deadly but I don’t like his slow mana. Most of the time, I managed to kill Colen in raid before he cast his special.

I actually kinda regret not maxing BT much earlier. At the moment, its a tie between Lancelot and Scarlett. If only Lance’s mana was fast, he is a definite choice…

The only ones I’ve got from your roster are BT and Colen. I like both of them. BT gives decent heal and damage + he’s tanky. Colen may be slow but if he goes off… Plus he has good tile damage. If you add a few emblems Colen or BT they will be annoyingly powerful. That revive skill has made me lose cups many times.

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I actually like Lance’s mana boost but his attack boost overwrite BT’s is quite a turn off.

Colen’s slow mana was a turn off.
Oh! About the heroes’ class…BT, Colen and Lance was all Fighters. And I am short of max 4 * Roque for class quest.
Looks like Scarlett is quite an obvious choice.

Thanks a lot all for the good feedback.


Scarlett very handy on titans so a good choice

BUT before ascending another red, get BT to 4/70 I would say


@giljs, I must’ve skipped that day of 4* defense setup training…and thank God I did! I used to love seeing her on defense-almost like only fighting 4 people! I would never put either one of them on a defense team myself.


Yeah, right now I’ve got Anzogh at 4 73 and BT at 4 43 but need another red for variety of stacking and AW depth.
I reckoned with emblem going d/h, Scarlett could turn a little bit tougher.

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