Ruben or Gefjon

Please don’t go nuts with Gefjon. I’m fully aware she’s a beast and I’m totally happy I got her. But. I lean towards Reuben because I would use him in my red mono team. I like him for attack down and minions of course. He’s more of a team player sort of speak. She would be great in a defense but most of ranger emblems are in Lianna’s possesion. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Reuben sucks

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Sorry, completely disagree with you.
Reuben’s minions are almost more of a liability than a help - they are very weak and if you run into a Skadi or Grimble you will pay.
Both can be put in the red mono team, and Gefjon will help the stack more with an attack that tops out at 900.
What attack down are you talking about?
Gefon is a great team player but it depends on who you face off against. i suggest taking her against a Bera tank team. Get her to steal moths (after killing the host) who can then bite the opposing players and which then prevents further moths from being generated. Team play!
I stripped my Lianna of emblems so I could give them all to Gefjon


In my honest opinion, I would focus on levelling Gefjon before Ruben.
She is a great sniper and works very well in a red colour stack.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


I literally started my sixth BT, because I didn’t want to max Reuben. :rofl:

Gefjon? No hesitation whatsoever to give her mats.


It was said that Reuben would be the counter to the Gravaker - Telluria - Vela synergy. That combo doesn’t exist anymore, so he “lost” his purpose. His damage is more or less in the same level as Thoth-Amun, one of the weakest HOTM. When facing Gefjon, I try to focus on her because she really is a big threat due to her powerful attack.
Finally, I wouldn’t use cleric emblems on him. There are so many good options in this class.


Hey, it’s 1st of March, not 1st of April!

Reuben is terrible. Useless. Good old Zimkitha does what Reuben does MUCH better. You don’t have her? Well, but you may get her some day. You won’t get wasted 6 rings back from Reuben though.

Gefjon - she’s unique for being a real red sniper. And even if there are more red snipers added, she’ll still be unique and valuable thanks to bypassing minion in dealing that massive 500% damage. Fact she steals that minion for herself makes it even better. Imho she’s currently within top 3 snipers in the game easily, regardless of the element. And it will be difficult to take her off the pedestal.

To me, this is not even a contest.


Reuben sole purpose is versus uncleansable dots, like the ones from Jabberwock or C. Azlar…
He is a weak hero overall, but can be usefull to someone with limited roster. If you have Gormek , Red Falcon and Reuben, he can do more dmg and protect you a bit if you dont have cleanse heroes ready.


Put Gefjon even 3/70 into your red team and test. You can see new world I promise.


Reuben is complete garbage, Gefjon is indeed a beast and you should consider yourself blessed to receive her.

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Wow! Thanks everyone for your comments. You conviced me. Gefjon it is then. And I woild strip Lianna’s talents for her definitely but I already have very good red in defense - Garnet.


Gefjon can one shot some fully emblemed 5* (the glass cannons) when on defense. She did it to mine without an attack buff and no defense down on my hero. Yes, she was +20 with lvl 30 mana troops.

She is still about as good as a sniper gets in the game right now. Even without being at the absolute max level she puts on a world of hurt and the minion steal is very, very useful.

Reuben…has cool (creepy) artwork. That isn’t quite enough to tip the scales IMO (yes, I am delighted to have him at 1-1 on my bench. Someday he could possibly be buffed. Well after they finish those in dire need like Finley, with the creation of his costume. Sigh). :man_facepalming:


I’ve maxed Rueben as I had a shortage of red 5* heroes but I regret it. I’d rather have saved the mats for a future 5* red!

Don’t bother maxing Rueben is my advice!!


With the possible exception of costumed Marjana, Gefjon may well be the best red sniper in the game. Reuben is a sub-par 5*. There’s no contest.


Now I have both Gefjon and Costume Marjana and I really am lost as who to use in my raid defence.

And if I decide on Costume Marjana - I am still not sure if I should put her in my raid defence in costume or just use her with costume bonus.

I currently use Marjana, Krampus, Heimdall, Clarissa and Costume Joon

Decisions decisions decisions

C Marjana is decent on raid defense, but Gefjon is better. Marjana really shines in a stack though.

If you already have Marjana on your defense, the costume doesn’t use any 4* materials though. So you can have the best of both worlds.

And I’ll just sit here, jealous.


Sorry yes I have costume Marjana +19 on my raid defence.
Just wasn’t sure to play her in costume or just original plus CB
But will eventually swap her out for Gefjon when I get another ascension mat


I think she’s better in original form on defense: rogue talent and a nastier hit than costume form.

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The costume form has certain benefits. If you run a minion tank such as Freya or Bera I think it pays to have C Marj in place as her protection against ice can protect your minions from Skadi…

Nothing please me more than stealing a minion from Seshet and having the damage kill her whilst it starts to multiply on my Gefjon.

Simple pleasures and all that but this is a good one :joy:


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