Who should get my hunter emblems?

Just maxed my seshat with emblems and wonder who I should give the next set?
It standa between Gefjon and Onyx for me. I also have a costumed Lianna and Red Hood maxed. Any thoughts?

I’m guessing you’re talking about Ranger emblems.
Based on this information alone I’d go Gefjon for element variety. More information could sway this opinion.

if none are relevant to your defense, then either gefjon lianna or onyx. depends on who you like more no wrong choice here.

I’d personally go onyx because he is deadly and can hit all enemies

I do have Seshat in my defense, and she will probably stay there for a long time.

Onyx is the one I’m leaning towards aswell. I really like the ninja heroes! It’s just that he’s anorher purple ranger

Usually the first 5* hero who gets ranger emblems is lianna, my lianna is fully maxed with 20 talents, I hope in the next tavern to pull a better ranger like Allasie or Gregorion,my favourite is sheshat but she is so difficult to summon her

it is mainly about stats increase rather than the class itself as rangers aren’t always useful like other classes.

all 3 options will be deadly with more attack

Gefjon and Onyx are both great heroes. I would suggest testing both out without emblems and see which one you play with more, if you haven’t already. Onyx can be devastating to an entire team if he’s charged to 300% mana and then let loose, it is almost a team insta-kill. Of course if you use him on defense, he is guaranteed to be targeted 2nd, or maybe even 1st if people feel they can handle your tank going off a few times.

Tough choice as I love my Gefjon (don’t have Onyx… yet) but since he has the potential to devastate an entire team rather than just one hero, I’d choose him.

If you would use C Lianna or
Geflon on defense, that’s who I’d choose.

Unless used for defense, I share emblems among different heroes of different elements.

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