Isrod or Gefjon?

I know which one is strictly the better hero – Gefjon – but I hesitate because I’m sitting on 1100 paladin emblems and ranger is already allocated to C. Lianna (+18) and Evelyn (+15). Obviously I could still do Gefjon and just start to feed her emblems, but is there any case to be made for Isrod?

I already have Telluria and Kunchen as decent tanks. Other reds are Gravemaker (+18), Zimkitha (+9), Marjana (+19), Jean-Francois, Grazul, and Azlar.

Max both. But if strapped with epic ascension mats, max Isrod. For me, the blems are the other considering factor.


Yeah, I wouldn’t be asking if I had 12 rings. Alas, I’m only sitting on 7. So it’s really a question of who first, not which to do overall.

Isrod is very decent hero - a bit underestimated it seems, but in beta I loved him all round. You won’t regret. By the time you get your next set of rings for Gefjon, you should have more emblems for her. She’s squishy even with emblems, and like every sniper, she needs them for the biggest punch… So it seems in your case Isrod will be better choice.

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To me isrod is the kind of hero that never leaves 1.1 unless you don’t have other options.

Faced him several times in defense (in various spots, emblems maxed) and he never was any kind of threat. The kind of hero you tend to ignore when building your strategy. Like “whatever” if he fires.

GM makes a better tank even if he’s not a good tank. So even if you ever need a red tank, you have a good enough hero.
It’s true that Gefjon needs emblems to shine and OS a defending hero, but like what’s the point of giving emblems to a bad hero like isrod ?


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