Reuben or Garnet

Who deserves rings more for my fire mono team?
Right now I have Santa, Wilbur, Mitsuko, Scarlett, BT and Gormek. All talented. I know Reuben is great for reds but GArnet is an awesome healer. Thar’s why I need your oppinion. Thanks in advance!

Garnet and a second, third, fourth or fifth copy of her before thinking in maxing Reuben.

Indeed i wouldnt say ‘great’ i would say better that hes decent or playable if not anything better around. Garnet is in another league. Its like comparing a bronze player in LOL with a upper Diamond or master one


Thanks Lex! I also heard Reub will be usefull against season 4 heroes. If it’s true they’re all DOT heroes.

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I dont know very much about S4 yet. But if its due to dot damage its better to negate it via blocking aliments at very fast than lessen its damage


Reuben could be useful against DOT if he was useful at all.

Think about it - you prefer Garnet that prevents any ailments including DoT to be even casted on your heroes, or Reuben who MIGHT be able to prevent 50% of DoT when it is casted on your heroes (you still burn for 50% anyways).

There were so many ways to make Reuben actually a decent hero. Like instead of stopping half of DoT, make him turn DoT into healing 50% of its damage dealt. Or make him a fast red sniper. Unfortunately, after Telluria/Vela drama SG decided to avoid making decent HotMs. Reuben is exactly that - a strange half-assed creep that doesn’t do anything well. Meanwhile, Garnet is A+ card. I don’t think there’s much of a choice here.


Haf-assed crap. Hahahaha. Well put :smiley:
OK then, Thanks four your inputs. There’s no doubt in my mind anymore :slight_smile:

Garnet will suit you better

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Gotta love the fast show :ok_hand::+1:

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