Lady loki or reuben

I just pulled Reuben who is a fast support hero. I have Lady loki at 3-47 and was going for the final chevron. Would Reuben be a better choice?

other reds Zim+17, Mj+18,Gruzel+9, Mitz+18&+7Anzogh4-80,Wilber +20, BT4-80,+18,+20

At 3-70 is Azalar(1000 emblems available) I will not list the 4"s

So opinions.

Lady Loki. You have some conflicts there with Zim and Grazul, but those same conflicts make Reuben less useful too.

For your reds, Reuben would really only be useful against a non dispellable DOT. (Can LL get rid of those too? I don’t think so, but unsure)


IMHO, Reuben could be of a significant help months ago when GTV core ran rampant or if they were not nerfed. Alas, Reuben is a bit late to the party by reason that Velurias potency, including their status ailments they cause, have been significantly reduced. Lady Loki would be good but I suggest to hold on to your rings. Who knows, you may get Black Knight next week during Avalon event, or Garnet and other legendary ninjas a week after Avalon, or new costume for your Marjana since Reuben would benefit from her elemental defense down as both would be at fast mana hitting the target and nearby.

+1 vote for Lady Loki from me!

She’s a great hero acting as both a red cleanser AND a debuffer AND a damage dealer!

Use my daily in raiding and wars :slight_smile:


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