Rise of the Valkyrie - Brynhild+19 as Diamond Tank 💎

Following on from

I’ve taken my Brynhild to +19 to see if she’s a viable green tank. Even with a rebalancing of Telluria (WHICH WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT HERE) I expect green tanks to still be a thing.

So this thread is partly results and partly asking for advice on wings.

Here’s her card

She could have had a little more defence, but I did this in a semi-catatonic state and thought that a healing bonus was the way to go. At least the healing bonus will get used, but it would have been nice to push her Def over 700.

Here’s my current defence team

The idea is that Isarnia charges quicker with Brynhild’s mana bonus and that magni’s defence buff can’t be dispelled
In addition, these two are notoriously squishy so Brynhild’s heal-3 keeps them in the fight.

In addition, Brynhild has a 20% evade chance against specials.

First night of results:

This leaves me at 2495. Early days, but I thought that waking up in platinum was entirely possible!

I’m currently using this setup in war too. I’m hoping that my teammates telly tanks stretch the enemy red resources so I’ll mostly be facing greens.

Flank options:

In addition to Joon and Killhare, other possible flank options for me are:

I’d say that my first-reserve is actually Thorne!

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


What do you think about:

Joon - Isarnia - Brynhild - Killhare - Tyr?

It would be a bit less susceptible to a green stack, and make for a more dangerous flank combo, while also moving Average Killhare into position to fire sooner — the only downside being the defense debuff for allies.

You could also try:

Joon - Magni - Brynhild - Tyr - Sartana

Which would be faster overall, and take nice advantage of the buff dispel block for both Magni and Tyr.


Thanks Zeph :blush:

I think I’ll try this one for war today. In my experience, Tyr’s lowish special damage makes him a little underwhelming on defence, however with either arrows or field-aid, his regen makes him much more dangerous

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That’s why I was thinking he might be interesting in flank, with the buff dispel block in play.

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I loved this so much I did this

I’m at 2671 cups atm


I’d consider swapping Guin and JF in that lineup.


I’m not just going to consider it :joy:
Thx! Getting late/early here


Let me know how you get on :slightly_smiling_face:


I have some more emblems for her, but used all my resources.


Hmmmm… Should I strip MN and emblem Mist too?
It’s very tempting!


My raid team liana, Margaret, telly, Brynhild and kingston. She is a badass. As a wing, i dont know as a tank. Im hoping she will not be nerf.

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Be careful. Someday, Brynhild could be nerf.


I’m not kidding :slightly_smiling_face:


IM guess also riposte tank (sif) with brynhild flank would be a nightmare.
Overall i dont like green center and blue flanks cause opponent just can go green and he is not punished at all

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Can’t really add to the discussion, just wanted to pop in and say thank you to @JonahTheBard for saving my forum day with this interesting and constructive topic. it’s a good reminder that much of this community is still a productive and helpful environment. keep up the great work (and all the other mods too)


There are two almost consecutive HotMs ruling the game right now which isn’t nice and they will get balanced.

Being afraid of nerfs in every topic for that reason seems to be some kind of psychotic to me.

Why should they nerf any unusual epic?

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@Olmor, behave :face_with_monocle:

Stick your fingers in your ears and hum loudly if you have to


Thanks @SING

I always appreciate a friendly howdy :wink:


i’m in @JonahTheBard . I hope mist and brynhild make a good teamwork.

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Not the very best start, but still up there. Unfortunately I don’t have the emblems for the 19th tier yet. Might strip Peters of his to get her there and my next pov tier will provide me with 80 cleric tokens…

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