Which is best for war tank only

If I decide to upgrade Margaret, I will have enough for 15 emblems. What you guys think is the best for WAR tank only.

For a green war tank out of those options? Kadilen by far.

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Marga as tank? nope.
Kadilen paired with Vela or flanked by that high emblemed Knight and Frida will do. Kingston/Sartana and Joon as wings and you’re fine.

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Kadelien or her Costume by far , and use Margaret Offensively

@Deeznutzshawty Here’s a wild option for you “IF” you want to add a healer to the lineup, Brynhild+20! She has tank-like stats, fast heal and other specials that would assist your flanks. See Rise of the Valkyrie - Brynhild+19 as Diamond Tank :gem:

Just an option to think about if you happened to already have her on your roster.

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