How Do You Counter Brynhild tanks?

So today in the rush tournament I ran up against a player who had some hero I had never seen before called “Brynhild” front and center. I never even stood a chance LOL :rofl: I was able to take out the two heroes on the top left and right corner, but that was it. It was pretty hilarious to watch.

My question is, for the future, what sort of tactics do you use to counter this?

You grab a defense down, a sniper or two, dump tiles on her until you have the aforementioned heroes charged, then proceed to nuke her from orbit.

Or get Mist/Proteus/Hansel for mana control.


3 red mono tiles will do it


Wait for good boards like any other hero.


You can’t dispel Brynhild, but you can flip her buffs.

So Mist is the prime counter to her, since she flips both her buffs DefUp_Special ManaGenUp into debuffs DefDown_Special ManaGenDown and prevents her from buffing with further activations.

If you don’t have Mist, then grab Little John or Proteus (or anyone who interferes with Mana or skills – think Hansel, Gretel, Merlin, Peters, Li Xiu, etc.) and bring them instead. The mana speed buff is the primary thing you want to watch out for – when Brynhild is supported by strong flanks, they can overwhelm you fairly quickly while Brynhild keeps healing them.

Sidenote: I think Brynhild is the best 4* tank in the game. Definitely not up to par with the best 5* options but I’d rank her a low A as tank.


I usually use Proteus and Merlin to counter Brynhild but out of bored, I went mono with Wilbur, BT, G.Falcon, Scarlett and Sir Lancelot against two Brynhild flank. I managed to work my around the bad board starting and Brynhild & co quickly disappeared.
Mono only required 4 - 5 tiles to kill a Brynhild.

*mono red…

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I’m going to take some of the credit for popularizing the Brynhild tank :wink:

By reading this thread, it might help you see how people are using her


It was your thread that made my mate level his and chuck 20 emblems on. He didn’t have a 5* worthy so I convinced him from your experience. So thanks for that, it’s definitely helped


What about Chameleon? Would my favourite little Lizard strip them??

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Yes, Chameleon does remove her buffs. Brynhild can’t be dispelled but removing bypasses that.

Yes! Another point for the Gecko!

Man I’m really starting to love him. Why I ignored him for so long I have no idea.

I have yet to see a Brynhild and a Lady Woolerton flank with 3 fast snipers!

And thank goodness for that!

She has low defense so 3 tiles should be enough

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