Green With Envy? - Which Green to tank with...💚

Right kids,

Here’s the dilema, before long my alliance is going to be drawn into the swirling, fetid vortex of Green Tanks

And hurrah for diversity.

But, for those of us without Telluria, Yunan, Tooty or erm… Shrubear, what to do?

Specifically me.

Here are my greens, a fine bunch that I’m very fortunate to have and have been happily smashing Aegirs and Richards for many weeks.

But none of them are particularly cut out to hold the line.

So, who’s the best of the rest?

If push comes to shove, I can put Brynhild up to +15 and I can add a few levels to Horghall if absolutely necessary.

@Boolz_San @IvyTheTerrible @npnky @FrenziedEye @DaveCozy @Ender_BattleSchool … Any ideas?

@Cvs…got any spare sausage?


Costume Kadilen next week? Not sure if you will do pulls outside the quest coins…maybe you will get lucky


I’m a fan of Kadilen

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Hope is one up from doing a rain dance, people

I need answers as concrete as a 1970s British multistorey carpark



I’m a big fan of Brynhild, but I also don’t have many others on your roster.

True, Hildi only affects nearby allies, but if your nearby allies are versatile healers (Kiril, Boldtusk, Dr. Dapper), she won’t just heal them, she will protect them from specials (she’s Grimm’s best friend in my offense), give them a good mana boost, and protect their buffs. And last, but not least…she’s fast mana.


OK, So helios has been running green tanks now for a few weeks and we for sure do not have 100% ideal tanks, so I have watched how some of the “best of the rest” have done.

Kingston works shockingly well with his resist burn, but unfortunately that is still not an option here.

We have one F2P guy running a +19 buddy and another with a +10ish Elk. He is more or less getting farmed, but we are waring top 100 so it is to be expected. I have seen his def split a few flags.

Personally, I would go with Elk. Horghall is sturdy, but just not that intimidating and at slow he is easy to pick off, If Elk fires the self heal might save you one more turn, soak up more tiles, and give the rest of the roster time to charge.

also…no sausage for you

Edit: if green tanks are misfits new thing, I would start moving emblems. But you know that. Just want to talk to you like you are a child for a moment.


Just from what I see here, I could see a defesive mid of Zo, Elk, Killhare being potentially troublesome (or Isa for Hare and Hare moved behind her as wing). Just my 2. Good luck.


My first instinct was Elkanen. To me, the key part of this question seems to be that it’s a war where your whole alliance will front green. So the goal is more about draining the attacker’s stock of red heroes / punish them if they attack with other colors, rather than build the strongest defense with a green center in a vacuum.

I guess the attacker will want to go red, if they can, more or less regardless of your choice. I think Elkanen is the best bet to hurt the attacker on a bad board. He’s fast and sturdy enough with the self-heal that he may stick just long enough. Plus, when they go off color it’ll be a little harder for them to tile him out with the self-heal.

My concern is that your other options may not do enough.

  • Evelyn: too little damage
  • Horghall: too slow, gives them the chance to get specials charged
  • Lianna: too frail
  • Melendor: too passive - like a green Aegir in your attacker’s eyes
  • Caedmon: love him, but this just isn’t what he’s meant for
  • Gadeirus: same as Horghall

I don’t have any experience attacking Brynhild tanks so I can’t comment there. I could get behind Buddy, especially if you were inclined to emblem him up more. One benefit with him is that, if your alliance is doing a lot of Telluria (and, to a lesser extent, Yunan), Buddy does more to stretch the enemy stock of cleansers.


That’s fine, the van and the bag of sweets were a bit creepy though


Elkanen imo

He’s not powerful (though not weak either) nor does he come with a gamechanger effect. But he is great at enduring hits and that’s serviceable for wars.

Put some fast heroes behind to help him kill


Supoib. This is the good stuff.

Ahead of Evelyn and Lianna? Unfortunately they are a clutch double-tap for numerous hard bosses and tanks.


I TOLD YOU TO GET IN AND SHUT UP! :slight_smile:


FWIW, I stripped my Frida and Falcon and had similar fears. But I have noticed no dramatic drop in my ability to finish the same events, raids, etc with them sans emblems.

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Killhare is indeed a beast despite the debuff. I used her as purple tank and my team required a rare three flags to defeat


We do green tank wars and lianna is holding suprisingly well. I see a lot of lianna, few evelyns. Elkanen and horghall are pretty rare, in our ranks as well as our ennemies from the past few weeks.

So lianna seems a popular choice, she’s not the best but she does her job

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I’ve battled her 3 times now as a wing defender and she made me nervous each time … one time firing, hitting everyone on my team by 600+… then I killed her, but she said no… revived twice and if she would have revived a 3rd time, she would have made an easyish win a really, really sad loss. She’s legit for sure, grats on having her.


I’m personally really hoping to get costume Kadilen myself, my favorite costume for a 5* so far (even more than Vivs)


Disappointed in the nerf but would still like her

Our alliance has been on green tanks for a while now and the Elkanen tanks perform much better than most would expect. I think he’s the best of your options in a vacuum, but it depends on your emblem situation and the rest of your team.


My first instinct was Horghall but upon reading what @IvyTheTerrible said I think I agree

That said I don’t think Elkanen is that much sturdier than Lianna but of course he has the self-heal and high defence so that is probably a better decision given how slow Horghall is


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