Help me with my defense team?

I seem to be getting smoked like a cheap cigar against teams ~150 - 200 points below me. Any advice on my defense team, or whom I should be leveling next, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Don’t worry much on your regular raid defense as of yet as you still lacked the prized defensive heroes. Just continue leveling those good heroes and your troops. But if you really insist on having a good defensive setup viable at the lower diamond tier, max and emblem your Onatel and flank her with your maxed and emblemed Seshat. Marjana is also a good defensive heroes because of she is somewhat sturdy and may be placed at the wings. I would suggest placing a maxed Sartana as the other flank for a yurple defensive core but she competes with your Onatel for the emblems.


Maybe you can try:
Seshat, Grimm, Brynhild, Marjana, Onatel.

Onatel is working fine as flank, but she is under leveled at the moment. I suggest you put her on left flank when she is maxed. Later on you can consider replacing Grimm with Snow White at right wing.

@Mogus you can see this thread about Brynhild being very performed in Raid Diamond League.


Just know that it’s completely normal to lose to teams at a much lower power than your team. With mono or stacked teams plus ghosting tiles and not having the AI do dumb hits, the attacking team should usually win more often than not. A good defense team just punishes a bad board while a good board will usually always lead to a win. Don’t get too down on raid losses.

That being said, I’d go with this for your team:

Melendor - Seshat - Onatel - Clarissa - Marj


Rigard - Grimm - Brynhild - Seshat - Marj

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I’m thinking Grimm-brynhild-seshat-li xiu-marjana. Replace li xiu with onatel when maxed.

Brynhild is your best option at tank if you are unable to max Onatel.

Marj Grimm Brynhild Sonia Seshat

If they stack red to target Brynhild, your flanks should be able fire.

Both Seshat and Marj are better on the wings.

Thank you all very much - some good stuff here for me to work with. I appreciate it!