Replace Justice with Malosi?

Hi all,

It seems that I have great difficulty getting any proper yellow 5* hero. So from the beginning I have Justice and now she has 7 emblems. Now with some “luck” I got Malosi. Is he worth leveling and replace Justice by him? The rest of my team is Ursena, Magni, Lianna and BT.

Or should I endlessly wait for my 3rd yellow 5*, whenever that may be?

Thanks for the help!

Do you mean your Defense team? based on feedback from the Malosi thread, no. Comparing Justice to Malosi: Malosi doesn’t hit very hard,and only targets one hero. The artificial intelligence is likely to “waste” his attack, by making him target a hero who isn’t about to fire special skill or doesn’t even have any effect that Malosi can neutralize. Justice at least hits all, and has better defensive stats too.

It would still be worth leveling Malosi as a 2nd Yellow for offense/attack, though.
But whether you want to fully ascend him depends on things like

  1. What 4* Yellows do you have,
  2. How often do you get ascension materials,
  3. Do you spend / how many TC 20s do you have / how many summons you do

and so on.

General terms of service for advice apply :wink:

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Add Malosi…

Malo Mag Ursl Justy Lia

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^ That’s what I would personally do too – nothing against BT but you may as well go full offense with your D-team and kill the attacker as quick as possible

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