Yellow hero accession help

Got my next set of darts and looking to ascend my next yellow hero but a little torn on my options. My maxed yellow 5* heroes are Leonidas, Onatel, Viv, and Rana. I also won’t be using this hero on my defensive team.

Here are the heroes I have:
Malosi-minimal competition for emblems
Sif-no completion for emblems
Norns-would eventually compete with Mitsuko
Jun-no costume and competition for emblems with Bera and Rana
Bai Yeong-minimal competition for emblems
Justice-not really in consideration

If it matters I have all of the season 1 4* heroes maxed along with Mist and Gullinbursti

I’m mainly looking at Malosi and Sif but Norns and Jun have some appeal but may compete for emblems.

I would do Malosi in your shoes. He’s a great hero for all the DOT and Tellurias out there.

Agree - joon is a better sniper, sif could be a great utility hero, but malosi will be super helpful in raids and wars which seems to be your focus here.

That said, opinion changes if you don’t plan to have a level 11 mana troop for malosi…

Malosi would be the most helpful to you at this moment.

Joon, Sif and Malosi would all be great addidtions. Just…never give emblems to Norns if you don’t have 18 on Mitsuko

Just curious if the Telly nerf changes thoughts. After Telly I have Onatel, Aegir, or C.Magni as my next in line. Sif could be in play now since I don’t have competition for emblems there but she suffers from the same weakness that Aegir suffers from.

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