Joon or Malosi and Defense Team

It’s been a while since I last dropped in for some of the forums advice… but I’ve got something I’d like to get some advice on. Here is a list of my 5* heroes:

Drake Fong Yellow 4/80/19
Joon Yellow 4/80/2
Joon Yellow 2/28/0
Justice Yellow 1/1/0
Malosi Yellow 3/70/0
Vivica Yellow 4/80/18
Vivica Yellow 3/70/0

Baldur Red 4/80/0
Elena Red 4/80/7
Grazul Red 4/80/0
Khagan Red 4/80/0

Domitia Purple 4/80/18
Domitia Purple 4/80/3
Domitia Purple 1/1/0
Obakan Purple 4/80/19
Quintus Purple 3/70/0
Sartana Purple 4/80/19

Elkanen Green 3/70/0
Evelyn Green 4/80/18
Horghall Green 4/80/18
Horghall Green 1/1/0
Horghall Green 1/1/0
Kadilen Green 3/70/0
Lianna Green 4/80/7

Isarnia Blue 4/80/0
Magni Blue 4/80/14
Magni Blue 2/48/0
Richard Blue 4/80/19

I’ve got the materials to upgrade Malosi or Joon (when ready) to the 4th tier. I can’t imagine not doing Joon again over Malosi, but maybe not?

Also, for my defense team, I go with Sartana|Drake|Richard|Elena|Lianna. Any changes that you folks think I should make?

For reference, I have 4 of the level ascension materials for all the other colors. It’ll happen at some point “soon” that I can upgrade one of the other 5s from the 3 tier to the 4 tier. So, Quintas and Kadilen probably get promoted. Quintas just because I haven’t got another Purple 5 and Kadilen just because she seems “ok” and better than the rest. I’m a few weeks away from being able to use the Hero Academy to swap a 5* for another… So, Horghall #2 and #3 are sure to be sacrificed. Justice and the #3 Domitia too? Of cours, assuming I get decent pulls for the Horghalls.

I’d definitely go with Malosi, with him you don’t need to worry about DoT, defence/attack debuffs, -mana generation, etc. He blocks so many heroes from casting dangerous status ailments.

Just bear in mind that Malosi shines on offence so don’t place him on your defence team.

For your defence team, I might change it to Lianna-Elena-Richard-Drake-Sartana (so that Elena kills heroes with low health before Drake fires) but it doesn’t matter as much.

P.S. When asking for help, you don’t need to include what colour each hero is and what is the emblem status of non-maxed heroes. This information is not needed and it makes it a bit difficult to read your post.



and noted on information to post. It was a copy paste from my spreadsheet.

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Yeah, malosi is maybe the best offensive hero in the game.

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