Dilemma on yellow 5* to ascend

Hi all, so I have a work in progress defence team. I have materials to take a yellow 5* up, options are Justice, Malosi, Neith, Guinevere. Any help choosing what would fit best in this team appreciated. Thanks.

You already have the best tank at the moment (Telluria) so you don’t really need Guin (unless your alliance runs yellow tanks).

Malosi is the best on offence amongst the other heroes so I vote for him.

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Neith or Malosi are the ones I would suggest you to empower.
Malosi is a very good attacker, Neith is a Jack of all trades, useful on more fronts but not exceedingly good.


I’d also vote for Malosi. Especially with all those Tellurias and Velas out there, his special is super useful.

Not sure if would go for Guin or Neith after that, probably Neith. As @D_DI already mentioned, you don’t need Guin so much because you have Telly. Most people aren’t so happy with Neith. But her blind skill can be very helpful and she is faster than Justice. I don’t have Neith but once played with her on a friends account and my impression was, she is better than her image here on the forum.

Justice is clearly the one I would ascend last of those four.

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In my honest opinion, and especially now that we have all these Telluria tanks, I would go with Malosi- 100%.
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

Thanks for the suggestions all. I’m tempted with Malosi for offense but is he any good for defence, if so then I’d probably go for him? I’ve had Neith sat at 3-70 for a while and could see her being useful too.

He’s not the best hero for defence since the AI may not target a hero who applies any buffs/debuffs/ailments.

But defence is not as important as offence and Malosi really shines there, especially if you combine him with Jackal.

Malosi is much more an offense hero. To really benefit from his special you need to control time and target when he fires. He will still be an ok flank, I guess… can be annoying sometimes, but probably not too much of a threat most of the times (but your Telluria will do the threatening part anyway).

I would still go for Malosi. I also used to have my defense team in mind, when I level heroes but I came to the point were I realized, that useful offense heroes should have priority. Better ascend your great offense hero and put him in defense (until you have a better one) even if he is only a mediocre def hero, than ascending a great defense hero that doesn’t help you so much winning raids and tournaments. Later I would probably replace Malosi on defense with Guin or Neith, but for now Malosi will help you more, I think.

I agree with the recommendations above, but I would add that I met a Telluria tank with a Neith flank yesterday and it wasn’t fun. Just when my team’s mana had painfully crept up to full thanks to Telly’s slow, Neith cut it back and it was all to do again. Nasty combo.

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