Malosi, Roc , or Justice to ascend 4.80?

need advice since i just played this game for 6-7 months …i got all mats to ascend the yellow 5star hero…which one will you pick?

What are you other yellows like? 4* Maxed too?

And other 5* Maxed heroes?

What are you looking for? Tank, Flank etc…? Prioritising Offence? Defence? Titans?

only mist that i maxed and emblemed…

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Malosi probably will provide the best performance on attack against heavy ailment dealers.

Roc will be the best allrounder of those 3 on def, att and map.

Justice should wait an eternity, he’s too slow to make much impact.

The question now is Roc or Malo. Did you play with both already? Which of them do you like better.

I would probably do Roc in your situation with not that many fully maxed heroes.


You may also wait until you have 3 4☆ of each colour fully maxed, and then decide. It worked for me. If not, as the other said I’ll exclude Justice unless you need really desesperately a yellow tank.

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I did not pull Roc . But I have a fully ascended Malosi and I use him all the time. He has been a great addition to my teams. He is on my defense team until I can get Poseidon fully ascended. He will still most likely be on my second war team. I have Justice as well and have not worked on that hero at all. I was about to when I pulled Vivica from my TC20 and then Poseidon from Atlantis two days later. After those two are done then I will probably get Justice to 3/70. Mostly likely no higher then that.

Justice belongs in the hero academy period…