Justice or Malosi

Hi there, I am looking to ascend one of my yellows and was looking for some guidance. I have both Justice and Malosi at 2/60. I was excited when I got Malosi but he doesn’t seem too spectacular unless I am missing something. Other option are Li Xiu, Mist, Danzaburo, Chao and Hu Tao all at 3/60. I have Wu Kong maxed out as well.

Justice is only good at tank. If you have other tank options, she’s quickly irrelevant, sadly.

The only possible change would be if she gets an amazing costume in the future.

Malosi is decent and can counter some of the newer heroes coming out, he’ll be a good choice.

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Basicaly you have only wu kong fully ascend, I guess you dont gather a full dart set yet. Then stick on 4* plan and ask yourself who is going to get your dart in few monthes.

So far you have mist and Li Xiu who are good canditate for orbs.

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Malosi is good at 3/70 but if you have the mats with a decent 4* roster I would ascend him over Justice because he offers more in events, wars, and Hard stages for newer seasons.

Mist is also a good candidate if you are lacking mats, or if your yellow 4* roster isn’t strong. She offers some pretty strong utility for raids, wars, and events/tourneys.

A small shoutout here for justice.

I dont have her, but many members use her.
The damage is just moderate, but because of the 40% miss chance she adds for 4 rounds, she can be quite useful in offense.

finley: he stops taking new targets when he misses just once

Vela: will miss roughly half if her shots

Jabber: could also miss

Gravemaker, drakefong and so on.

And miss chance also works on the slash hits, so you spare some damage at your team.

Overall justice is too slow but still useful.

I recommend to test a LOT if she needs to he maxed out, I cant help as I cant test her myself.

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Totally agree with you. I am a suspect on speaking about Justice because i have her and it’s my only 5* Yellow (does Neith counts? :joy:). My experience is, i have her as a tank and everyday i open my Diamond Chest. To max Malosi or Justice, i would say as always, it depends on your roast and see which one will be more suitable for you game strategy/goals.

Agree with this. 20 thumbs up

If you haven’t got the mats then I would level Mist amazing specials for a 4* and she would be easier and faster to level than a 5*

I have a fully ascended Justice, and she was my tank for a while til I pulled Guinevere. Unless it’s a purple tank war, she doesn’t even get used there anymore. On raids she is superseded by Leo, Neith and Joon on my list. She just sits there now :frowning:

Malosi is new and different but hits quite softly. Not sure he is worth it either, but cannot state that categorically as I don’t have him. Mixed reviews so far.

Sounds to me that you’re talking about orb use rather than darts, so if you haven’t ascended any fours, definitely do those first. Mist and Li Xiu are both good candidates

Ok thanks everyone. I was actually leaning towards li xiu because I use her lots but I think after reading your responses and looking at them side by side I may go with Mist. Just finishing off Kvasir first and then I’ll go from there

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