Red Hood vs Zimkitha

I think she would be the 1st.

That is what I am saving my gems for. I need her in my life!

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I’m saving my coins and gems as well. My advice for everyone trying to pull her, do individual summons because you get more chances. If you do a 10× pull, you only have one shot at getting her.

Waiting until Zim is released to use rings. You may not like what you see and choose to raise Red Hood, or you might like her a lot. Keep your options open.


That is my plan. I have 18 epic tokens, so the moment she becomes available, I’m pulling until I get her. If I manage to pull Victor as well, that’s just a bonus, but Zimkitha is the priority.


Dont know if it was written I 'll just add from experience about RedHood:
Her max foxies per hero are 3

so foxies heal a cumulated max of 21% of RedHood’s health per hero, per turn
so foxies health cumulated is a max of 42% of RedHood’s health per hero, per turn

I have Red Hood maxed and she’s very good, but as you already have Delilah, I would wait for Zim. She would round your team out better. This, of course, is if she stays the same from Beta. If you don’t pull Zim then max Hood. In the meantime, I would still bring Hood up to 3/70


You should check on this assertion. I believe there are posts showing multiple HOTM in 10x pulls.

Do they have pictures of the new HOTM?

My understanding is that in a 10x pull, each hero pulled still has a shot at HoTM. Which is why you see people posting shots of 10x pulls with multiple HoTM at the end.


search on google. its there

I’m not a huge fan of Zimkitha as she don’t add anything to my titan or event team.

I can say the same thing for Hood, but i generally prefer 1 more healer then 1 less.

Yes, each summons has the same 1.2% probability of summoning the HotM. In a 10x (or 30x) the results are shown after the last of the regular set.

More generally, there’s a cap of three minions of any variety per hero. So running two minion-creating heroes like Delilah and Red Hood can crowd the field (at least if you’re fighting easy fights–in big battles, it’s tough to get far enough ahead).

Red is great for events. Especially those with mana stealers (you can’t have my mana Hansel!).

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Ummm, I don’t think Red Hood blocks Hansel/Gretel/Merlin. They aren’t stealing mana, just messing with it. Red Hood definitely blocks Guinevere, Leonides and Li Xiu.

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ahh hmm. you could be right on the hansel…they actually never got a shot off this time now that I’m using her and my very fast sniper team.

Can I please just add my question here as it is related. I am all ready to max a 5* red. I pretty much have all and am leaning towards Red but now will wait and check out Zim. My other mainalternative is another Grave. I am not considering Elena, Marjana, Natalya, Khagan or Azlar after reading comments, although I may be wrong here.
My main line up includes, Joon, Panther, Grave, Sartana and Lianna.
Hope you can help.

@Kyemoo, So do you also have Red Hood? If so, you may want to max her based off of your lineup because you have no healer. Lianna and Joon are good, but I believe Red Hood is more beneficial than both.

All this talk about Zim is getting me excited.

I am saving up in hopes to get her. Need a 5* red. If I don’t get her maybe Natalya will get her rings…

@King_Nothing, Why don’t you level up Natalya? If I had her, I would have. Her abilities are non-dispellable and she’s fast, so paired with the right team, she could potentially kill multiple enemies. I want Zimkitha because I don’t have GM or Natalya, only Red Hood, a maxed out Khagan and two unascended Marjana.

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I do like her but after hearing about Zim I have held off as she would fit nicely on my team.

Hopefully 4k gems and a couple tokens get it done.

I am c2p and buy the cheap offers and have hoarded them because I don’t need to much now.

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