Zimkitha, Reuben, Khagan or Yang Mai?

Hello! I have a question. Who deserves rings the most? It’s for my red stack (Boldie+20, Garnet +18, Santa +15, Mitsuko +15, Gefjon +15). I have some talents for Zimkitha, others slim pickings. Thanks in advance!

  • Zimkitha
  • Khagan
  • Reuben
  • Yang Mai

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I may be in the minority here, but with your heroes, I voted for Yang Mai (firstt, and only vote in her favor as of the time of this writing) even if you have no or few emblems for her. While Zimkitha is a very good hero, I don’t think her skills are really needed for reason that the attack buff and heal overtime Element Link are already covered by your fully emblemed Boldtusk, with your Garnet providing immunity to the team as well as boosting health. I also think that Garnet’s immunity is a better skill than Zim’s cleanse, with the ninja capable of firing her skill faster than a very fast hero. Yang Mai fills the needed firepower on your red team, which is better (especially if her RNG chain attack is on go) than the measly damage output made by the lioness. On top of that, Yang’s Element Link will help you fill your mana bar every turn for a limited period, even without you matching favorable tiles. I like this last month’s HOTM, but miserably failed to get her.

Don’t get me wrong. As mentioned above, Zim is one fine hero. I just think Yang Mai can offer more to your red stack due to her much better overall stats and Element Link.


FWIW, I agree with @Ultra. Zimkitha’s main advantage is the cleanse, but Garnet’s immune to debuffs to all at the 1st level, is probably enough to counteract any debuffs. But you can always hold onto it and fire whenever. Zimkitha’s healing elemental link and atk buff, would be outweighed by your combination of BT and Garnet. You COULD replace Garnet with Zimkitha, but you lose the overhealing.

Yang Mai’s mana boost will help fire Santa more often. The question is who would you replace? If the defense doesn’t have any blue damage dealers, or just one weak one, I would replace Mitsuko. If you want a fast(ish) team, I would replace Santa.


Thanks Ultra & Quinn! I would probably replace Boldtusk.

I agree with @Ultra and @Quinn3
With the number of non fast heroes you have I’d want Yang’s mana boost to make sure you get to your slower heroes.