Ascend Zim or Red Hood?


Enough mats to ascend one 5* Fire Hero to final tier. Thoughts?

Focused playstyle:
My alliance is a Titan/War alliance. I do not chase cups.

Red Hood gets my vote… You do have a tough choice though.

Red Hood isn’t a good hero for Titans, but is a good hero for raids/wars. Zim can be used for anything really but lacks attack umph for titans but still serviceable. I’d pick Zim over Red Hood

Red Hood for sure. Zim can be replaced by dotes and a bear banner, or an attack buffer like BT or Kiril, but what Hood brings to the table, no other item or hero can replace. Mana protection + healing minions > cleanse with minor attack buff. Just my thoughts on it. :blush:


Appreciate all the feedback

definitely redhood first as she shines in more areas.and gives protection to your whole team

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Red it is then, Thanks everybody. Excellent points all around.

red isn’t that good, you’ll be dissapointed (like me) :frowning:

i vote for red. but dont use her on titans. minions healing animation loses you too much time.

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Between Red and Zim, I vote Marjana

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