First 5* decisions

Hey everyone!

So I’m just about ready to ascend my first set of 5*s and I’m lucky enough to have a few choices. I’m not set on ascending anyone just because I can, but I know the way RNG works I could be missing opportunities waiting for something better that never comes.

I’ve included my roster, my mats and the 5s I’ve got.

I always rainbow feed so I’m currently doing Tibs, Gazelle, Boril (to 3.60), Kingston, Falcon (to 3.60).

I’m tempted to bring Falcon to max and then grazul to 3.70 and hope I get 4 more hidden blades by the time I get that last ring.

Additional Info:

My alliance currently fights 11*/12* Titans and uses coordinated tanks/flanks which rotate, so no specific tank color takes precedence.

TCs are 1x20, 3x11

I do spend some money as probably evidenced by my roster size and composition, but I’m currently saving my gems for s3 (Admittedly I’m tempted by the featured Atlantis heroes this month but with the odds being as low as they are I think it would be wise to abstain.)

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Looks like Magni is the only one you have the mats for – which is far from a bad thing; Magni is one of the classic great Snipers… I am assuming you have a Tome of Tactics? You’ll need a Tome, a damascus blade and 6 telescopes for the Magni; similarly 6 tonics will give you a green 5* – Kingston is the obvious choice there (Although Lianna is really good). I also like Gazelle a lot, although if you have Joon’s costume, that might be a toss-up which to ascend first (you’ll need 6 darts for each). Boss Wolf is one of the top tanks in the game, but you need 6 tabards for him. In terms of Elena and Grazul, I might slow roll those until you have a more exciting red, but if you had to pick one, I’d vote on Grazul – you’ll need 6 mystic rings for them. If the mats you’re showing are really all you have, I’d recommend focusing on 4* heroes and build out a full bench of them for versatility.

Good Luck, those are some excellent 5* heroes!

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You have already Damascus and Tome for 5* rainbow, and only wait 1x Tonic, Ring and Darts.

Red: Grazul is sturdy and good support for immune allies.
Blue: No other choice, Magni is great ofense and defense.
Green: Kingston
Yellow: Joon costume, then Gazelle.
Purple: if you are not plan to chase atlantis Kunchen, then Boss Wolf is great tank.


I agree with bringing Falcon to max before focusing on Grazul. I think Grazul will be great at 4/80, but Falcon will be more useful at 4/70 than Grazul at 3/70.

I feel like it’s a tough call between Joon and Gazelle. Gazelle is an excellent booster but without serious hitters, she’s just a toy.
I agree with @jinbatsu on priorities


I agree… Falcon 1st before Grazul.


Thanks, if you tap on the image it should expand to show my full inventory, I have 5/6 of all the 4* mats and 8+ of all the color specific 3* mats apart from orbs.

I just figured that out – hope my advice was helpful anyway!

(sorry, a bit new to the forum)

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Thanks for the chart, I was looking for something that estimated the dates, figured I was about a month and a half out from the last couple of 4* mats.

My only hesitation with Joon vs Gazelle is if I do Magni, Kingston, Joon thats 3 snipers. I know snipers need to be ascended to get the most out of their special and Joon’s costume will be a great stat bonus, but do you think 3 snipers would be the best decision?

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No problem at all! I appreciate your suggestions, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You will never go wrong with sniper in each color. So magni, joon, kingston will be used forever.


@jinbatsu @PeachyKeen

Ok I’m sold, definitely falcon to max first.

Still torn on Joon vs Gazelle but I think that’s mostly because she seems fun :smile:

Here’s my thinking on Gazelle first. At 4.80 she makes a 3.70 Joon more viable, along with my other snipers (Magni, Kingston, +Jackal for family bonus). However, because gazelle penalizes your whole team if she dies that seriously limits her usefulness at 3.70. Ideally I’d have enough mats for both and wouldn’t have this dilemma lol.

Of course another pro for Joon is he’d be useful on defense whereas I’d never put gazelle there. I should probably be smart and go Joon first, especially since I have his costume (though that’s 5 more orbs I don’t have :smile:)


Joon is “useful” at 3/70, but he’s a little on the squishy side. You won’t get the full benefit of his tiles or his lethality. You need dependable strikers right out of the gate. You could make Gazelle work at 3/70 on offense (next to Magni, to give his def boost, of course) but you can’t quite replicate the damage Joon’s going to give on his own. Second holy 5*? Absolutely.

It’s a good problem to have, and I’m sure you will be happy either way. Just my thoughts.


For AW you can never have too many healers or snipers. Gazelle does look like fun but I personally wouldn’t max her as my first 5* yellow.


@PeachyKeen @nevarmaor @mogulemon

Excellent points, seems like Joon is the way to go here. Thanks! I think I’ll hold off on Boss Wolf on the slim chance I get kunchen from my Atlantis coins. You never know! Lol.

Speaking as a happy Bosswolf owner, he is 100% my best tank option and does very well, as @Cvs just pointed out:


Oooh, thanks for sharing that. I’ve been trying to keep up with the boss wolf threads since I pulled him last month. He definitely seems like an awesome tank and I have a mana troop to pair him with to make him slow. Though if I ever get a 4* Crit troop I think he’d benefit from that as well. Definitely not upset I got him, that’s for sure.

I can attest that Boss Wolf is a monster at tank. My win rate against him is pretty abysmal. Worse than Guin for sure.

Doesn’t help that I’m weak in yellow :laughing:


@nevarmaor @jinbatsu @Robin_the_Brave @PeachyKeen @mogulemon

I’ve had a pretty fruitful day today, pulled both Vela and Ariel. With those two options would that change your recommendations?

If you want a 5* healer there really is none better than Ariel. I have her and she ends up on pretty much every team I raid with, plus my defense. Vela is a support hero and needs others maxed first to support.

So for blue: Ariel for healer or Magni for hitting power. After that vice versa. Then Vela later. I’d go Ariel first myself.

Since my only reds are Elena and grazul, if I go grazul it makes more sense to me to stick with magni first. At least that’s what I’m thinking right now :joy: