Next 4* ranger emblem choice

Just took my seshat to +18 and gonna stop there.

Which ranger should get the next emblems? Trying to decide between buddy and costumed tibs.

Buddy: using him on my mono green in war (with tell, kingston, lianna and mel), in 4* tourneys as tank on defense and in events.

Costumed tibs: using him on my mono purple in war (with seshat, costumed rigard, proteus and sabina), in 4* tourneys on offense (sometimes on def), in events and in raiding: i run 3-1-1 with tell, ariel & seshat as staple and switching the other 2 for stacking, so tibs goes in with proteus.

Who should i go with or should i even split emblems between the two?

I’d split them. I kinda only take 4* to +7 (some exceptions) being you use them often will help both of them really

I split them too. Honestly i like buddy better, he’s a 4star tournament god. But both are amazing.


I’d probably split them in your position.

I didn’t, because I can use CCat for titans instead… cTibs is useful to me sometimes, but Buddy plays regularly on titans so it’s an easy choice.

As a follow up, I have 7 emblems on Gregorian (done there) 12 on buddy and 7
On costumed Tibs. I use them all a lot.

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I have 9 on Lianna (with CB), 6 on Buddy and none on Tibs.

I think personal bench differences will always swing priorities a bit :slight_smile:

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Ooooh I love my tibC. He gets my vote. :blush:

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