Question: are there any 4* heroes worth keeping duplicates of?

Since I’m now sort of “back” on the forum, and slightly less angry at the game as I was a few days ago… I’d appreciate a bit of advice from the game experts on this topic.

I have 4 TC20s so I’m able to pump out feeder fodder heroes on a fairly regular basis. Initially my strategy was “keep everything that’s above 3*”. But now that I’ve managed to accumulate a metric crapton of season one epics, I’m wondering if it’s worth it to hang on to duplicates of any, or if I should just start feeding them all to my few precious legendaries.

Like… is there any reason to hang on to 3 Boldtusks if I already have Colen, 2 Keliles, 2 Scarletts and a Gormek? Certainly not worth wasting blades and compasses on, I wouldn’t think, seeing as how the 5* reds are going to need as many as they can get…

And do I really need 4 Li Xius and 2 Chaos when I also have Wu Kong and Hu Tao? Most likely not…

Basically I am firmly committed to keeping at least one of each separate hero, if just for the sake of collecting (plus you never know when they might come in handy)… but is there any reason to keep more than one of any particular hero once you already have enough alternates on your war bench?

Apologies if this question has been asked before - I’m sure it has been, but I’m also guessing that the game dynamics might have changed quite a bit since then, so the older information might no longer be relevant.

… and I’d much rather inconvenience the lives of our beloved mods than necro some old thread posted by someone who stopped posting here years ago. If for no other reason, just because I can.


(in all fairness, I did ask you guys to kick me out of here, but you didn’t, so now you must suffer the consequences of dealing with my presence)


As an owner of wayyyy too many levelled of the same Vanilla 4* heros (imo) I feel that @zephyr1 is highly qualified to chime in on this thread :stuck_out_tongue:


I had a similar dilemma with my 3* recently and my policy was to initially get rid of any third copies and then, finally, I started to get rid of most of the seconds too, with the exception of good costumed heroes like Hawkmoon and specials such as Mnesseus who I always find useful in tournaments and stacks.

You might like to do the same - get rid of 3rd or 4th copies to start with and then keep thinking about how useful those second copies could be. If you have a 4* you’re always using then maybe keep more than one copy to use in wars. If you have costumes, then having a second could be essential if you want to tie one up in a tournament for a week.

Just think of all possible scenarios and then hold onto any copies that could possibly be of use to you.


Some 4* are IMHO definitely worth keeping duplicates of. I have two maxed Rigard, Kiril, and Melendor, I have a third Rigard I may max. I have only ever pulled one BT. I have four Caedmon and will likely max a second one but dump the others. Ditto with Sonya. Other than Rigard I won’t keep more than two. I dumped my other Melendors (I had six at one point) into my second maxed.

I have a crap ton of 1-1 5* but until I get the mats for them I keep dupes of the useful 4* mainly for wars. You can never have too many healers for that.

It’s also a question of available roster space too.

Oh yeah, two max Grimm too.


Just wondering why you choose Hu Tao rather than Li Xiu or Chao… because I did that too… :sweat_smile:

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Oh I actually do keep duplicates of my 3* costumed heroes (one in costume, the other in standard business attire). And I’ve seen the benefits of keeping as many as 5 dupes of the 3* Atlantis heroes (just take a gander at the rare challenge event leaderboards… freaking teams with 5 Melias and 5 Namahages, etc. totally dominating the top scores, LOL)

Was more wondering if there were specific season one epic heroes that are useful in stacks. I mean, okay, obviously Boldtusk is a solid healer, but if you already also have Sabina, Kiril, Melendor, Rigard, etc., is there a legitimate reason to hold onto a second BT? Sure if you’re stacking reds, but do you really want a full red stack of just Boldtusks? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a BT, Colen, Kelile, Gormek and Scarlett vs. 5 BTs? That way you can heal and deal damage and buff and debuff and DoT? Not to mention once I start picking up more 5* reds, I’m thinking some of the 4* might start to become irrelevant after a while…


Actually I use Li Xiu on my defense team. Chao and Hu Tao are just backup bench warmers.

I feel like this question is very specific to individuals rosters. One way to look at the answer is to ask how many heros do you have for wars that you would actually use? The bigger this number is, the more likely you are to use multiples of a hero. Also, what if the other alliance stacks lots of (insert one color here) tanks or overweights their teams to a particular color? You are going to want as many heros of the color that is strong against that as possible. For instance, I have decided to eventually have about 10 heros of each color that I would want to use in a war. That is 50 heros total, much more than the actual 30 used. This will give me some freedom to overload a color multiple times if needed.

More specifically about 4*'s, Rigard, Boldtusk, Proteus, Merlin, Guardian Jackal, Hansel, Cabin Boy Peters, Kiril, Grimm, and Wilbur are all awesome heros that if you are deficient in heros that are their color or have a similar special ability I would keep multiples of them until you get better/more 5*'s that are better than them.


I don’t use 2x any heroes in stacks. I find the synergy is better between different heroes than the same ones. I keep dupes for AW teams.

Even BT and Kiril clash with each other on the same team.


I keep 3 of every healer for wars. Then all the costume heroes, but only 2 of them. 3 Wilburs and Falcons. If I had, I’d keep many many Proteii :smiley:

I’ll duplicate 2 stacked color things, but no dupe heroes in one stack - maybe an exception could be Sonya/costumed Sonya:

  • my red stack of Boldie, Wilbur, Falcon (maybe 3 times) + other reds
  • my blue-purple stack of Kiril, Rigard and others (Tibs/Grimm and then filled up with Sartana, Sonya, Triton, Proteus etc, what I have).

Rigard… keep 6 of him.


You never can have too many Hansel and Peters, to a certain point you will meet 90% blue tanks in war. Healers of course too and everyone that cuts/stops mana for war offense teams, an army of Jackals is nice too. :thinking:


Ah if only I had any Hansels or Peters. Unfortunately most of my roster was gifted to me by training camps. Summon portal mostly hates me.


This is where I’m at. It’s a pain having to use my red stack all the time. Eventually I want to have two solid teams in every colour. Right now I do only in blue and red.


And yeah, eventually I will have limited roster space. I expect to eventually pull more 5* from training camps, hence the question… not only will I need to make more space in the roster for legendaries, but also I’ll have to be very selective about how to distribute my ascension mats. Would hate to give the last of my blades to a second BT and pull an Elena the next day.

An army of caedmon then, not the same but useful too :slightly_smiling_face:

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You do mean green stack, right? I thought we were supposed to stack greens against blue…

EDIT: sorry, maybe you meant it’s a pain using red stacks vs. blue tanks. Because yeah, that does suck.

In those cases I just save my red stack for after someone else has taken out the tank.

I’m sitting on 4 Hansel and 3 peters, always happy to see a bunch of Richards looking my way :smile:


Healers 2 of each and 3 Rigs. Proteus 2 or 3. 2 of those with unique specials, like Wilbur, elemental def downies, mana controllers, fast dispellers and snipers.

Leveling duplicates shoud wait until needed or a point, where no other options are available.

It’s seldom necessary to have redundancy inside of an attacking team, so you’ll need those dupes only for war depth and maybe events to compete.


In your situation I think I’d be comfortable tossing any non-five star that you’re not leveling now / next. If your plans change and you need another copy of, say, Scarlett, you’ll get one soon enough. Plus, how dire can the need for a specific vanilla four star be?

I don’t think Hero Academy is yet a reason to stockpile four stars as that’s likely a long way off, since it hasn’t even been seen in beta (and even moreso when you consider that ‘convert a four star to xyz’ will likely be one of the later levels - you’ll have to build to it).


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