Keepers or feeders?

I’ve paid to increase my hero cap a few times; it’s getting to the point of having to many heroes in general. Which 4*s you feed and which ones do you keep? And how many?

I’m not representative

I keep one of every unique hero, even the unpopular ones, and an additional one only if I have a costume.

I feed away all 4* dupes even Wilbur and co.


I too am not representative of the collective. But I’ve been sacrificing my dupes of nearly everything to invoke the hero academy.


I’m also not representative, but I hoard a lot of duplicates, and have also leveled a lot of duplicates. But I’m approaching 166 maxed Heroes, so there’s kinda not a lot to work on other than duplicates.

I’ve pared down over time, but have still retained extras of 4* whose Costumes haven’t yet been in Beta, in case they prove extremely useful, as well as extras of particular Heroes I may want to level.

I’ve also kept extras of Wilbur in case I can trade them into Hero Academy for @Kerridoc. :face_with_monocle:


I dont know if I am representative. :smile:

My roster cost 300 gems to expand. :unamused: Over 200 slots.
Right now I keep all 4* and 5* heros while waiting for hero academy… :pleading_face:

Lets hope it arrives soon! :smile:

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I’m not a representative :thinking: I just use my best judgement really, will I max another of said hero how much do use the maxed one now.
S1 hero’s you prob get again if you pull alot and run a tc20.

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Well…somebody’s got to be representative of the general public…

What kind of ToS shenanigans are y’all pulling here>?


I want to say it’s “simple” and it should be basically just 2 questions: 1) Is the hero a difficult one to get, and 2) The 1st one of the hero, do you use and if so, often? Mostly this would be for wars. Or is it a good one for using multiple of in events/mission stages (IE. Proteus, Hansel, etc).

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What kind of joke is this…my post was liked by @NotEye and @notyou87 in reference to someone being representative of the public?

Generally keep enough healers to stack 2 (at most) per war team (so 12 healers), a cleanser per war team (6), and a dispeller per war team (6). Then everything else based on how much usage you have in general if you want dupes.


I don’t keep dupes of S1 4s unless they’re costumed.

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I’m representative of the general public :muscle:

In my honest opinion, here is what I follow…



Alright, since I got tagged for liking a joke, here’s my 2c.

I’ve also expanded my roster several times. Not as much as OP, but I’m at 116 heroes at lvl 42 and another increase is 100 gems.

I have 32 max 3* with 3 sets of dupe max plus some of the same I’m holding until I get to them.

I have 13 max 4* and still working on building depth.

I have 1 5* at 3/70 and 1 5* at lvl 1.

I have kept several dupe 4* (Scarlett, Wilbur, Kiril) and would keep several more (BT if I had dupe, Grimm, maybe others)

I have fed dupe 4* away (Boril, Kashrek, Hu Tao) but usually keep 1 instance of everyone, and I like all those heros under the right circumstances. I just don’t need 2 of them.


I have levelled multiple costumes Rigard for war.
I also kept 2 Kirils 2 costume boltusk and 3 costume melandor and 2 Wilbur.

As for the other 4 stars hero I would probably keep multiples costume Sonya and caedmon (when available) for the cleanse and 2 Grimm for the challenge events. I might also keep 2 Myst.

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As I learned working in consulting, the answer is always


There, nobody can prove me wrong anymore.

But fine. I decide based on the hero and based on my roster space. I have 2x Proteus, 2 of each Healer I can get (that’s Kiril, Boldy, Sabsy, Rigs, Mel, Lady W BUT NOT KASH), and 2 of the generally fast/average speed ones with good specials (the 3 Pulverizers, Caed, Sonya, Scarlett, Li Xiu), and hard to get 4*s (Jack, Valeria - though they also have good specials IMO)

I don’t have Wilbur, any Event 4* except Lance, and any Valhalla 4*. Jack and Val are my only seasonal 4*s

ask me again when I run out of hero roster space, I’m not buying anymore until I get really desperate cause they cost 100 gems.

Generally speaking, I keep one copy of each hero (3* and above). Even the mostly useless ones. Because, well,

#1 you never know, they might come in handy for something some day
#2 I went to all this trouble to level them up
#3 I like variety, and they add some nice color accents to my roster

I keep two copies of each hero that I have a corresponding costume for. Even though it’s a huge PITA to level up both heroes as well as the costumes themselves… nice to see them both on display with boosted stats and different looks (and I can use both of them in either form for any situation).

Now… when it comes to the issue of keeping multiple dupes of 4* heroes… I asked this question myself a while back.

Got quite a few responses… my main takeaway from it was

  • keep dupes of healers, especially Rigard
  • keep dupes of awesome non-vanilla 4* heroes (Proteus, Wilbur, Jackal, Merlin, etc.)
  • go ahead and trash dupes of the non-great variety (Hu Tao, Skittles, etc.)

And for the record…


My simple personal rule - if I intend to ascend and use them (i.e. healers, Proteus and the like) I feed them immediately. I prefer to not pay for roster space.

I agree it should be simple, but I don’t think it is. There are a couple of factors that make it difficult to answer the OP:

  1. We don’t know how long @Lord_of_Jedi has been playing and what his (making a guess at gender based on Lord) needs are? Doesn’t @voidstrike have a standard terms and conditions clause?
  2. Given that @Lord_of_Jedi is asking, we can assume he (again, sorry if I am getting that wrong) doesn’t know which are the heroes he is likely to miss should he feed them away. One has to play this game for a while to know which are the keepers and feeders.
  3. Part the keepers versus feeders question is based on how one raids? mono? 3-2? Is there always a healer in the raid team? If one likes healers on raids, and wars like she raids, then more healers are good so dupes of Boldtusk and Rigard make sense.

I am shy of saying I am representative, but I will say that there is consensus on a couple things among the many threads on this forum about keepers and feeders. They are contradictory, to a degree.

First, there’s a rule of thumb that one should never feed a five-star hero. Similarly one should be judicious about feeding a four-star hero.

Second, there’s a general consensus that the first rule of thumb has exceptions.

For every hero, there is someone who loves that hero or at least is happy she or he kept that hero because the hero fills a specific niche better than any other. There are fans of Mok-Arr, for example. Some people think Margaret’s tile damage ameliorates her otherwise lackluster abilities.

My answer, @Lord_of_Jedi, is that some four-star heroes are clear feeders. If you have a Hu Tao a 1.01 and otherwise have some yellow hero depth, feed him, for example. The trick is, knowing the exceptions (point number 2 above). After you’ve been playing this for a while, you’ll know which are the heroes on your roster that never get off the bench. To shortcut that, you could search the forum for the many, many threads on “should I keep X or Y” or “to whom should I give my emblems.” Smart people weigh in and always provide perspectives I had not considered.

A shorter short cut is to look at one or more of the many hero grading resources e.g., Anchor’s.

While I suspect that my post has not been particularly helpful, I am confident that the rest of the thread will be. Good Luck.


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