Help! SG or anyone with answers- Duplicate heroes, roster space and new buildings

My dilemma duplicate all over the place do I keep buying storage, or start feeding. I mean what’s up with the new buildings that we heard about last year and I’m only 4 months in. To go with these pics my other dups that are 3 or more
3 Little John’s
3 Cyprian
3 Li Xiu
3 Hu Tao would have been 4 but fed 1 away
3 Triton
3 Melendor
3 Kelile

Definitely not an expert, but I would keep all your boldtusk and Wilbur. I would keep two of each of the others. Not sure what a top player might say though.

Every player is going to have different opinions but my rule of thumb is this

  • Do I have less than 30 4*/5* heroes?
  • Do I have less than 5 4*/5* heroes of that colour?
  • Is it a HOTM, Event or other limited availability Hero?
  • Do I have less than 3 of this hero already?
  • Is it an A rated or game changing hero for me?
  • Do I have an empty slot to store it in?

If I answer yes to any of those questions I keep it, if I make it all the way to the bottom without answering yes once then it goes in the bin

Eventually i’d guess the first two questions will eventually change to 5* only and it may well be that i’'l even strive for a full 5 mono teams of each colour for high end wars but i’m a way off that yet.

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What’s really funny I’m missing 1 4* from these colors from season 1
Red - Colen
Green - Caedmon
Blue - Boril
Purple - Tiburtus

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Do you have 30 4*/5* heroes without these duplicates? If the answer is yes I would start to feed some to others. I don’t think you need more than 3 of any one hero unless it’s HOTM or limited special that you can stack use in your six war teams or Titan attack etc. I kept all of my heroes until recently but then realised it was pointless so started feeding self to self etc.

@JGE yes I do 30 exactly
I have 28 different 4s & 2 5s Evelyn & Inari

That’s all good. The only other thing to consider is the new buildings for the game that people are talking about going into beta soon. There could be an opportunity to swap duplicate heroes in one of the new buildings … but that’s just a guess … if you want to take the risk you can just buy more space to store the duplicates for now …

Now I have a new 4* project after 90+ pulls for a feature character in the last 3 events the RNG GODS smiled on me and blessed me with


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2 pulls from the Atlantis summons using Atlantis coins 4/25 & 4/26

4* blue
Great right neither are 3*
Now I have 3 of each still getting duplicates :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face: buy more space or start feeding them?
Decisions; Decisions

I’m certainly no expert either, but I don’t want a huge roster of duplicates I may never use.

My rule of thumb is to keep a maximum of two unless I consider them awesome.

I have 3 Liannas, 3 Wilbur and 3 Proteus. I have 3 Grimm (one unleveled), but I’m fine with him too.


I have this terrible habit of pulling copies of 5* legendary heroes. I’ve got 3 Vela’s, 2 Jean-Francois, 2 Isarnia’s and 2 King Arthur’s. I’m holding on to them because I’ve created a fantasy in my head that, one day, we can trade/swap heroes. Curious what everyone else does with their copies. Use for food, maybe?

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I pay for additional space to hold on to almost every 4* and every 5* I pull. At this point I’ve committed too much to just let them go before the hero academy is released. Once it is I’ll either be able to do something with all the duplicates, or there will be a feeding frenzy. Think shark week.

Oooh, I’m not familiar with the hero academy. what can we do with our dups there?

Nobody knows for the moment.
Maybe sth bad like alchemy or…

As hope dies last:

Would be cool to have at least a 2nd tab to dump them or some kind of hiding functionality.


agree. thought about that several times. kind of second folder to put those guys you do not want to feed away and do not want to level for the time being…

No details have been released. There is simply a crew of us that holds out hope that there will be an affordable and usable option for extra heros that might be able to be turned into something new.

That hope was greatly diminished by the alchemy lab, but it still burns.

As I said, if it doesn’t work in a way that I see as beneficial there will be a mass feeding a la old school shark week.

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I am reviving this topic because while everyone is talking about heroes, how they should look like and having new types of heroes, I (and I’m sure I am far from being alone) really have problems accommodating new heroes in the current space I have.

I got to a point where I need to pay 450 gems for another 5 slots extension and the roster space problem seems to be getting a bigger and bigger issue, including due to the issue of what we can do with 5* dupes.

Only this year several dozens of new heroes were introduced (I am curious if anyone has exact figures) and the pace does not seem to slow down.

During the Q&A session this year the developers said they should address the problem, but nothing was heard about it since then.

Unfortunately until SG resolve the issue with duplicate 5* the problem will persist.
You either need to buy additional roster space or feed away those duplicate S1 five star heroes.
I fed away 10 of my dupe 5* last month and still have dozens to use in HA10.
At the very least from a QOL point of view SG should allow us to queue 5* hero baking in HA10