Question about tile break

Correct me if im wrong about this. But as far as I know a fast hero requires a level 29 mana troop to tile break right? So a 17 level mana troop would be enough when you add costume bonus?

If those are correct should i still go with 2% mana bonus on talents or pick crit instead?

Yes. You need at least a +15% mana bonus to make a fast hero charge in 7 tiles matched instead of 8:

And you can bring that number down with the emblem node of certain classes too.

So you either need:

  • Level 29 troop
  • Level 23 troop + emblem node 8 / 19 (Ranger & Rouge / Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, Paladin & Wizard respectively)
  • Level 17 troop + costume bonus OR emblem node 20 (Druids, Monks and Sorcerers only)
  • Level 11 troop + costume bonus + emblem node 8 / 19 (Ranger & Rouge / Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, Paladin & Wizard respectively)
  • Level 5 troop + costume bonus + emblem node 20 (Druids, Monks and Sorcerers only)

Do keep in mind any mana delays and mana reductions though, which can throw off these numbers.

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Thank you very much. But im still not sure how much impact does mana bonus have on defense. So while attacking level 17 troop + costume bonus is enough. No need for that 2% from emblems. So it makes sense to go for the critical bonus instead. But im not sure on defense.

So should i still pick the mana or just roll with crit?

Mana is kinda odd on defense, and I don’t really fully know if this 100% accurate but from what I’ve observed:

  • After every turn, a defender gets 1 unit of mana
  • When a tile hits them, they get half a unit of mana. This mana gain decreases slightly the higher your combo goes too… I’ve noticed that there’s some kind of soft cap to prevent a defender from charging from 0 to fully if they’re hit by a big combo, but I don’t have much data nor numbers to back up my observation.

However, I’ve noticed that the 0.5 tile breaks can make a difference for defense to help them charge a bit faster. So with that in mind costume bonus + level 17 troop should be enough as that gives you a 16% speed bump. Adding the 2% from emblems would just make it 18%, which isn’t enough to take your fast hero to 6.5 tiles (they reach that at 24% speed bonus, which you can’t do without mana buffs)

In summary, I’d say just pick crit if you’re ok giving your lvl 17 mana troop to that hero. Or pick mana if you’d rather give them a level 11 mana troop, and save the better one for another hero :slight_smile: