Emblemes, need some help and thinking

Im little confused i know that at the fast hero tiles to charge are 3x3 , and its not possible to make it 2x3 .
Im not shure how works on defense team!!! So i whanna ask for thinking is it good to take the mana bonus ?

I have not taken my clerics to 19 so I can’t comment as much. Generally it depends on what troops you have.

As for defense I’d check out this thread. Again troops will have an impact that node alone won’t solve.


Mana node will get advantadge with mana troop level 5 in VF rule.

Mee too, except it is avarage hero. Because in the later day VF rule best option is 3-2 formation and I almost complete my 3x mana troop above level 11 on each color.


I agree with you thats why i still didin put the full emblemes :wink: I was thinking about the turnaments, like exemple i put this in defens teams where you cannot use mana troops , and is it worth to choose the mana path

it has advantage but a little…

We can confirm that Costume & Emblem Mana Bonuses apply for the defense team as well, and that is intended.

For illustration purposes, please see this example below with a Quintus defense team:

  1. Defense & attack teams used:

  1. Same defense team order, 1 turn of passive mana gain (no tiles used, just skipping attack teams turn, attack team mirror of the defense team):

  1. After 9 turns of passive mana gain (no tiles used, just skipping attack teams turns):


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