Question about mana regeneration

Hi guys. Does anybody knows why sometimes (the same hero) regenarates his mana faster and sometimes slower? I have noticed that many times. It depends how strong are the opponents or its something else?

If you are talking about your opponent, their mana regen is increased by hitting them with tiles. Your own mana is increased by using tiles of the same colour as your hero. Understanding this mechanic will make you much better at raids :slight_smile:


DBC Im not new to this game :). So my question is a little bit more complex. Let me ask in a different way. When I hit with tiles with the same hero the mana doesnt regenerates at the same speed. For expample I can hit with 9 tiles without receiving a full mana and I can hit ( with the same hero) and having full mana just with 4 tiles.

Then I am clueless :frowning: Unless you have some special skills involved that increase mana regen?

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No. My guess is that it depends how strong is the opponent. Stronger the opponent makes the mana of your heroes flow slowly. But not all the times. So Im not sure about the reason. Im just saying that I noticed that many times during battles. Thanks for your response.

If you activate tiles without hitting anything you will get double mana for them.
With fast mana this would mean you’d need 4 tiles instead of 8 to activate the special


Right, this is called “ghosting”. Throw the puzzle to empty space to charge your mana faster but be careful when using this technique on war as it will also charge the revenge bar (arrow, heal, or attack boost of the defender) faster.

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Best suggestion might be you post a video of this

For understanding game mechanics it is essential to know about mana regeneration, here above are somethings explained, but I want to be able to calculate as much as possible. So does anybody know an in depth article about this or is anybody capable of explaining it it like this:
slow regen takes: … tiles, medium takes …t, fast takes …t, super fast takes …t
When three titles are ghosting it give … mana regen. When 2 titles are ghosting and 1 hits an opponant what is the regen? 3 tiles ghosting + 1 tile hitting etc.
Do all heroe have the same pool of mana? Does the pool get bigger every upgrade? etc.
Who the algorithm underlaying the game? and can writye about it? Maybe an excel file to do calculations.
Some hereoes have the ability to speed up or slow down mana regen. Is there a list of them?

Hello @Haddock,… there are so many mana menchanic explained if you search.
But here is simple chart…

And here is more complex situational with boost and reduced under status ailment, etc…
Mana Generation under buffs/debuffs in offense

EDIT: ghost tiles = 2x match opponent

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