Ghost tile mana generation - number of turns

Hi all,

I have read a lot of info about mana generation, mana troops and number of tiles needed to charge your special skill, but I’m still looking for the info on the following:

When you are playing an enemy raid team, and you play tiles that don’t hit an enemy, how many game turns does it take for that enemy to charge their special skill?

For example, if you have one last enemy remaining … GM occupying the left wing with zero mana, and you play tiles on the right wing, how many turns will it take him to charge his special skill without ever hitting him with any tiles?

I’d love to know this per mana level, from very fast to very slow.



This thread may have the answer you are looking for Number of Tiles (Regular vs Ghost Tiles) Required to Activate Mana (based on Mana Speed)

Ghost tiles are worth double Mana. An Average skill takes 10 tiles (1 tile = 10%).
Any mana % modifer, will be based around this.
Slow is 12 tiles
Fast and Very Fast, I’m still unsure after 2 years lol

This is not what OP is asking. He’s not asking about charging his own heroes, he’s asking about how long it takes for the defending hero to charge with only the mana tick they get each turn.

I don’t have the answer by the way, and would be interested to know. Also, how much the mana tick differs in % of full mana for very fast vs very slow defending heroes.

Good question. I understood that no matter if you are using regular or phantome tiles…the time should be the same for the defensive hero to charge its special…but right now I have doubts.

See here: New mana per turn calculation on defense? We investigate Vol 2

Very nice, thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, great link!