True or false, do offensive tiles charges opponents faster based on color?

I’ve been away for a while on the forums, former handle @rhea1123 and was a 10 minute + a day viewer until for some reason this forum only worked in chrome and I had lost everything. So I had to spend some time with our dear friend @discobot to be allowed to create topics again, so much fun.

A subject is my allaince has come up that like colored tiles against opponents actually increase their mana gain. ( sending 3 blue tiles to a blue hero will increase.their mana by 33%) etc. I have not found any info suggesting this is true on the forums maybe someone has a quick answer for me @zephyr1 or anyone else.

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just tried it in a raid. 3 green tiles vs 3 blue tiles in a blue hero, same amount of mana gained.


Thx big ol’ duche :slight_smile: I’ve seen you around in game. Appreciate your input.

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20 ghost tiles

But again I’ll try and explain the suggestion as it was explained to me. If Blue tiles are send to the oppositions blue hero will they charge faster than another colored hero appreciate @Duche quick reply. Just want a stronger case with a few more replys as I havent heard this before and want some more confirmation. Thanks forum :slight_smile:

literally went to a raid with a blue tank, threw 3 green tiles at it, and then 3 blue tiles at it. no difference in the amount of mana gained. (was roughly 20% both times)

Thx @Duche I just wanted to be 100% sure as the people I am talking to are convinced there is a difference.

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The only noticeable difference in mana gain is several of the following factors:

*Ghosting tiles (tiles that do not hit the enemy).
*Tiles that hit enemies.
*Any debuff that slows mana gain.
*Any special that cuts currently gained mana (for lack of a better term, attacks like Li Xiu, Chao, Leonidas).
*Any buff that increases mana gain.

The scenario you are describing @Ultima does not produce a difference in gained mana. In all of the 6 months that I have been playing I have not seen that scenario happen.


I think this myth has origins in that “strong” tiles tend to kill heroes before they get a chance to fire, while “weak” tiles charge their mana but do very little damage, so it “feels” like weak tiles charge mana faster because you are more likely to get squished :rofl:

If people insist on arguing, then tell them to make a video proving their statement. It is a very easy dynamic to test.


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