New Mana Troops goals after +20 Class Talents?

I’m late to this discussion… but I gather my Sabina +19 is only a few emblems away (mana troop 12) from requiring 9 tiles to activate. Making her essentially a fast mana healer. Insane!!! I might be missing something here…

A level 12 mana troop confers a 9% bonus. Sabina’s node 20 gives 4%.

An average mana speed takes 10 tiles to fill.

From there, with a 13% bonus you’ll need 9 tiles.

Fast is 8 tiles.

So not quite, but that’s still very good (or perhaps qualifies as ‘essentially’ since you will often make 9 tiles via 3 matches of 3 even if 8 would have done the trick).

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Thanks @IvyTheTerrible for confirming! That’s awesome. Yes this is what I meant by “essentially”. Most of the time I fill up fast heroes via 3 matches of 3. So being 8 or 9 tiles often does not make a difference… well at the beginning stages of a match, before ghosting gets involved.


Lot of mana regen stuff floating around – family bonus, Ariel, Alby…

Know they aren’t perm, but those few turns of glory can get pretty low?

Can you updated this with the mana boost from costumes?

Hey, good suggestion. Done.

Note that I tried to only list the most likely options. So I avoided listing family bonuses as options since it’s pretty rare for most players to benefit from them.

Also, “Not Yet Possible” doesn’t consider in-battle mana buffs from specials like Ariel, Alberich, etc.

Please let me know if something is incorrect or if I you have any suggested changes.


Thanks for the chart man, the previous one was quite confusing for me to read, this one is perfect!

One question though - number of tiles is not ghosting tiles, right?

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Awesome. Thank you for doing this.

Those numbers are unghosted tiles.

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Is anyone actually taking the mana regen route with emblems? I have 2 heros stuck at this fork. Mana troops are at 23 but will be a long time until 29, Lliana and Marjana want you opinion.

I gave them both the mana node for 2 reasons. It means I don’t have to make the long trek from lvl 23 to lvl 29 troops, allowing me to lvl secondary troops in each color for my attacks.

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Yes thank you @flyingsolow I use this chart all the time. One of the most helpful tools I’ve seen.

It has been a year…perfect timing, thank you.

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This gets my meledor +20 w l11 troops down to 9 which is nice. I have khagan and Buchan who add 24% but rarely use w Mel plus its only during the skill active and khagan is slow. I am looking toward to getting to l17 troops for rigard +20 to drop to 9 as well as domitia to drop to 9.
Her and Leo would be great if they were fast v avg. Look at Perseus v domitia but give her fast mana and she is like a hotm (not a great one as Perseus often falls in the needs buff category )but as a free tc hero she’s not bad with emblems, same with Leo.
To me Leo and domitia are similar comp to the sniper in their color. Joon, sartana are fast and strong but those two are nice if you don’t have the snipers. I have Dom at +10 and love her and while I have joon +10 plus 2 dupes I just got Leo last night from tc20 and will max him before my dupe joon though I will pause at 3.70 to see if I get April hotm malosi as another holy butbif not I think Leo goes up instead of second joon (I didn’t write joon #2 since that sounds like a bathroom code :poop: lol.)

Amazing and well done transparent work!

Any chance for events, tournaments etc. To get to see how mana portions affect these calculations?

What is the difference between “Class bonus” and “Class 20 bonus”? Nothing?

2% mana generation: lv20 talent gives you 4% instead of 2% that you would find in other spots.


Ahhh gotcha, thanks!

Thanks for the chart, very helpful. In fast I find ”easy” to get the combo: troop11+costume+class bonus=16%

Can someone confirm that I’m doing the math correctly?

Let’s say I have Rigard with costume…

  • Costume gives 5% mana bonus
  • Talent 8 gives 2% mana bonus
  • Level 1 4* mana troop gives 5% mana bonus

Total mana bonus: 12% (from above).

Does that bring Rigard down to 9 tiles to charge his special?

I’m not considering any mana bonus from special skills, elemental link, etc.

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