Queen-Red Hood unstoppable?

I’m totally stunned with the Queen of hearts. On offense I knew she’s an absolute beast, but she got me to diamond over night (250tp+, seems like many testet on her, not that I care being in diamond or will stay for long at my state). Defense runs queen 3-35, kage 3-60, Guinevere 4-35, proteus 4-70, red hood 4-50 (3600tp). On offense I run (depending of course) queen-Imari 3-40 - boldtusk 4-30, jackal 4-30, red hood, once red hood and queen are ready, red protects queens minion and if inari joins in, it’s normally over. Has anyone experience going against a defense kinda mine (red-queen) and knows if they work together that perfekt on defense-formation. Didn’t expect her for defense, cause of Spezial timing and tiles, maybe Guinevere giving them the time they need? Overall totally happy with these two ladies!:grinning:


It’s obviously early, but I haven’t seen a Queen of Hearts in high Platinum/low Diamond yet — and it’s extremely rare that I run into Red Hood. So I haven’t tried out beating that combo.

The idea of mixing other minion makers with QoH has been brought up in a few spots, though, and makes a lot of sense to me. I suspect it’s also why Captain of Diamonds was released at the same time, to offer one approach to countering.

I’m hoping for a hero at some point that can steal Minions like Hatter steals buffs…


Same here, wanted to test against queen, but hard to find, red also not often seen on defense. Wonder how good they will work together leveled out.


I run QoH on defense in low diamond. Unfortunately I don’t really have a minion spawner to pair up with, but I can certainly see the benefit.
In one of my war attack teams I have QoH and Buddy. It’s a nice combo if Buddy survives (he isn’t maxed yet). I wish I had Red Hood, Deliah or Inari. Those would definitely make my defense team.

If the enemy has an Captain of Diamonds he can easily counter RH+QoH. It’s better with Inari, since she can just dodge.


QoH is pretty awesome with Wilbur. Especially vs AoE hitters, she shields them, the shared damage gives everyone a few health damage. It’s so small that her card survives.

Give it a try. I don’t have Hood but I’m slowly getting Inari and Kage leveled along with QoH. It’ll be fun.

On offense, I put them in the wings and stack three vs tank color, been having more stability and more time to recover from bad boards.

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Don’t have Wilbur, but would be too much fire heroes anyway with her and beloved red hood. I think if you have one to protect her a bit on defense, like Wilbur, red, maybe slowman Santa, then it works. The combo with inari on offense is really satisfying.:slightly_smiling_face:

I failed to find a viable tank for QoH in a defense team , as I don’t have either Quin or Deliliah. Othet tanks don’t seem to have the synergy at the same level. She may be good in offense though. QoH could be the Quin saver after talents being fully applid.

She needs a good and fast tank to absirb the damage before charging up. After charging up she needs a fast healer when she takes over the tanking role. If Kunchen is average mana then he could be perfect.

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Too early to see the Queen right now, but i guess she is going to be a top tank in the near future.

As such, i don’t really see as good option double reds in the defence and make both in trouble in a 3 stack (or more) blues.

Definetely i find her flanked with a Evelyn-Zeline duo a better team.

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I wouldn’t use/abuse her as tank, her Spezial is too valuable. The combination on defense seems fitting like I have it, no place for triple ice against a guinevere tank flanked with dark, that’s what makes red hood and her so dangerous in my opinion, i like it but lack experience facing them to know more🙂

Would be interesting, never seen a captain of diamonds on defense and don’t have him, but I guess he won’t last long enough to fire, i call it the „Gobbler-Syndrom“:smile::fox_face:

That would be the first only-offense hero because of need to time him perfectly, sorry the second, forgot about the captain of diamonds.

CoD on defense is bad I think. Unlike Gobbler his special is single hit (but can hit multiple), so he might not even aim at the minion hero.
He has more balanced stats and faster mana than Gobbler, so I think he the survivability to get his special off one or two times. And he’s blue instead of green, so more damage against Red Hood and the Queen.


I think there are a fair number of heroes that are pretty terrible on Defense but very solid on Offense.

And really, nearly any hero is better on Offense…the Defense AI is just really not living up to the “intelligence” part of its name. (Though the game would likely be quite frustrating if it were made as smart as a decent player…and nearly impossible if it were made as smart as a skilled player.)

So I think your point — which I agree with — is that Captain of Diamonds would likely be particulalry terrible on Defense, given his likelihood of being either irrelevant, or firing with poor timing or targeting.


Minions right now are semi decent defenders… a little meat shield. Not super good but nice to have. If they start making heroes who can steal minions, that makes minion makers garbage. In black ops 4 they created a specialist character called zero who can either destroy or take control of enemy equipment and scirestreaks. The attack chopper, she can take control of. So people just don’t use the attack chopper… they use sniper nest instead because the most she can do is destroy it rather than take control of it. It’s a stupid broken mechanic. Why should they make heroes like Delilah a regrettable choice for poison darts? They shouldn’t. Nope. No. Absolutely not.

Tell me how you really feel. :wink:

I don’t personally think adding a niche hero for Offense that steals Minions would make Minion Makers suddenly useless.

You’re still dedicating a slot on your team to that hero (not to mention mats/leveling resources), and there can be other balancing choices to a hero like that to avoid it being overpowered.

It’s just another take on Gobbler and Captain of Diamonds, creating pros and cons, strengths and counters.

And, in the end, saying that Minions shouldn’t have various heroes who can directly counter them is, in my mind, similar to lamenting that a Defense Buffer can be dispelled or overwritten with a Defense Debuff.

I think many skills and counter skills can coexist and make for deeper strategy and options — just as they do now.


I think what you said is fair, however… this game is similar and has taken huge inspiration from magic the gathering; BUT it’s very different in that NOTHING YOU PURCHASE HAS VALUE!! If you buy summons and get 12 Wu kongs, bad luck. Sorry. You only need one and only have value for one. You can’t trade or sell. Additionally you can’t just trade for equal value, meaning that not everyone can have the current meta heroes… if they create a hero that can steal the entire usefulness of minion makers away, and not everyone can take part in that meta. It’s just not fair, it’s not balanced, and they shouldn’t do it. If they create a hero who steals minions you’re looking at a game falling apart. More and more people say fk this. I’m not spending several hundred for this one hero when next month they will just make another mechanic that is a must have and you’re gambling when you try to get in on this new mechanic.

I would rearrange this defense to put Red Hood on the left and QoH on the right (remembering that offensive specials are fired left-to-right on defense). You want Red’s minion laid down first so the card minion can hide behind it, lengthening the time when the rest of your team is protected from specials.

On offense this pairing would be particularly effective because Red and QoH will always be ready to cast together (barring any mana effects or big mana troops). Again, cast Red first then QoH to shuffle the card minion under the fox minion.

Inari and QoH could be extremely powerful; add in Wilbur and you could have an OP combination.


Funny you should mention that, I just said something similar over here:

And let’s not open the Pandora’s box of in-game trading here either. :wink:

All those heroes that you have with all those buffs are a challenge…but…there is one hero that you need to be aware of when you finally face him that will make those same hero buffs you have an absolute nightmare…he goes by the name…


I wouldn’t use/abuse her as tank, her Spezial is too valuable.

One of QoH‘s advantages is that she can tank without being in the center position. Her downside on the other hand is she provides no support when she dies, unlike any other average mana hero used in the center position. She‘s just a meat shield with a dispellabe buf against specials. I doubt that it‘s how she would be used correctly. She needs to work with a healer to extend her life to buy more time for the snipers to kill.
Kunchen may be perfect if he’s with average mana such that he cleanses and flips ATK bufs while healing. Guin is also a perfect tank for her as a mana controller to reset the snipers while healing.
I think that she should be in a flank position in order to charge up fast enough while protected by the center tank from tile attacks.

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