Queen of Hearts + Margaret?

Hi everyone!

I pulled Margaret last month and I’m wondering if she’d pair well with the Queen of Hearts.

Obviously QoH with Taunt and Defense vs Special Attacks will be tanky, but with Margaret flanking her, she will also have a chance to Evade special attacks. Each Evasion grants some mana, so QoH may be able to throw up another minion before the first one is gone, or she’d be ready to replace it by the time it is killed.

I’m wondering if this would be a good pair on a defense team. What do you all think?

wing - Inari - QoH - Margaret - wing

I mentioned in my alliance how funny this could be :sweat_smile:

It does seem like a good synergy, I have both but it will be a long time before Margaret has enough levels to test effectively. She’s waiting in line behind Lianna and Evelyn.

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It could be a good plan, if it was not that people kill 99% of tanks with tiles.

I will just stack 3 blues and kill it with no worries.
QoH is not a great damage dealer, and Margaret does not attack too.

I just keep sending blue tiles on them.

That’s a good point Elpis. In other words, QoH’s special doesn’t do anything to protect or mitigate tile damage. Fair enough.

Would QoH in the corner and Margaret in flank be alright or not really? Still relatively new to the game.

If the Queen could fire before, her minion protects her from tile attacks, but this might be impossible because she’s not that fast.

I have her as flank, protected by Cyprian, so she takes all specials and fires them back. I’d like to try Cyprian, QoH and Margaret, but the green lady is still at 1/1, I’m working on my 4* :frowning:

It could be an idea. I usually like my “most annoying” heroes on flank to have more chance to shoot, but Margaret can help her survive more.

As all the things, the only way to know what it works better is trying it out.

At least that combo is worth a shot in my eyes :slightly_smiling_face:

The best combo is still QoH and Aegir as tank. If they manage to synch their specials, the opponent can’t do much. Even Lianna arrows barely hurt the minion. Until spirit link goes off…

In raids I use her with Wilbur, nice combination, too…

Well, unfortunately, I do not have Aegir at the moment so that combination is not an option.

@AngelOfDark666, I also use her with Wilbur at the moment and it works well. He splits the damage that the minion takes so it lasts longer.

I have QoH maxed + on my defense team… absolutely love her. Have Margaret but not levelled yet, so haven’t tried them together but was actually thinking about that combo.

In fact I ended up with three Margarets and a second Inari so might make a team alternating them with the other and call it the Dodgers just for grins!:wink:


Add the fast blind in there

I find that formation more interesting to attack teams with fast snipers, just add two healers or healer + sniper, and I think that will be a very good attacking team…I just don’t find QoH as troublesome as tank as she would be flanking the tank in a defense team

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