Queen-Red Hood unstoppable?

This is exactly why I play primarily f2p and rely primarily on TC20 heroes.

Thanks! Oh man, totally forgot about that, will rearrange them, they both at average speed too. The reason I didn’t think about that is that I always try to make them all look to the center, don’t laugh about me please, I’m totally into optics of my teams😄


Thought about her on flank too, but with Gunn it would take away a little not flanking darks. I think it’s not easy to face that defense, what to take on offense? Heavy dark - guin may fall but the flanks will buy time for red hood and queen, heavy blue - don’t think blue is the best attack card and guin will buy the time. Since my team has no hitters beside kage a tricky semi-rainbow team could be it, I really hope to face kind of mine to see the weakness, would help (practice board where you can go against own defense would be so cooooool)

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Hatter doesn’t steal minions, or does he?

He steals Inari’s fox minions, Buddy’s, Santa’s and so on…but NOT Red Hood or Delilah’s

You’re sure about that? I doubt it.

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No doubts…Ive witnessed it 1st hand

Took a while to find a hatter on defense, tested 3 times with inari, Santa, red hood, one time I put queen in too (didn’t want her all the time because of her protecting skill). Hatter didn’t steal a minion from anyone!? I’m really confused, cause I believe you making that experience.:thinking:

Screenshots? I’m skeptical that Hatter steals minions.


Like said by someone in the other thread about hatter, he should be able to steal inari skill and then spawn minions on the other side. But I tested it and hatter never stole a single minion.


It would make sense if he steals the buff and then generates his own Inari minions. But yeah, I doubt he would steal them directly

I think red hood has. Healing and mana protection, average speed and hoods durability on flank or rear, plus beside the top players and their 5star-armies there is nothing intimidating on raids in blue element, just healing and repulsing, not so much heavy hitting on red.


20 slings & arrows

Delilah has the fattest minions (aside from Thoth, but he doesn’t spread them around). The advantage of the pairing with Red Hood is that they will (almost always) be ready to cast at the same time; cast Red then QoH, and now the card minion is shielded by the fox minion.

You can compose a really deadly average-mana red stack, e.g. QoH, Red Hood, Wilbur, Mitsuko, Guardian Kong. Even Captain of Diamonds won’t crack that nut (I think—not sure whether he gets to destroy the minions or not if Mitsuko’s reflect is up).

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In raids against green tanks (best when darks are their too) i go with queen, red hood, zim, inari and jackal, Sometimes boldtusk for zim, depending on opponents durability. Works (let’s say average board) 8 out of 10 times. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’d be hilarious if he kept killing minions and suffering from reflects until he was dead.

This is a fascinating question, actually–even if it isn’t very likely to ever occur during an actual raid or war.

Hahahahahahaha! (laughs the guy who puts Sabina on the left wing and Melendor on the right for this exact reason!) :wink:

CoD is a very poor choice for defense. He’s not good in the absence of minions.

CoD has his niche. I have used him successfully against a Delilah tank with GM flank. Three purple, CoD and Kiril did nicely.

Tank is almost always my first target.

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