Red Hood or Natalya

Hi community. The comunnity forum has been a great help when I ask a question.
It was decided to ascend to Red Hood (currently 3/70 and 6 mystical rings), but I got Natalya in Atlantis and I have doubts now. I feel that the kindness of the Red Hood special is taken advantage of when it is activated 2 times in a row and prevents much damage, otherwise I think it is ineffective.
What do the most expert people think about it?
I’m very interested in reading your opinions. Greetings.
I have Joon(4/80), Marjana(4/80) and Alice (4/76) as snipers.


Red sometimes gave me the creeps, Natalya never was of any importance for any defense I met.


With your strong sniping trio, I think you will find better use with Red as offensive support than with Natalya whose DOT will be relatively redundant on the attack. This is especially true with Marjana’s damage also being partly DOT-based.

For defense, I believe Red is better in almost all situations.


I really like Natalya special against Mother North, Albereich or any other green slow mana hero on the rear, because she slow them even further and also gives a lot of damage (undispellable).
I also have Red Hood at 3/70, so I can’t speak for her, but those minions work just fine at 3/70 on opposite Natalya damage DOT is indexed by her ATT stat so she is only “workable” at 4/80 :man_shrugging:


Red Hood:
titans: useless (long minions animations)
wars: useless nowadays (every time i set her up, my defense team gets killed in one shot)
events: not much of a help
trials: very helpful

Natalya: i don’t have her, but she’s pretty :grin:


LOL. Personally I prefer the art of Red Hood. Agree that Natalya looks good also though!

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I got Nat this Atlantis as well and she is my sole 5* mana controller besides Leonidas so I will max her out (and also my other red options are Guardian Kong and Khagan so winner is easy to identify in this case).

That being said it depends on what you have and what you need. Red Hood is quite useful healer so if you don’t have any 5* healer or fully emblemed Rigard/BT with costume I would upgrade her. If you lack mana controllers, then Nat, especially since her mana debuff is unremovable and high Platinum/Low diamond is rife with Rigards (costumed or not) or Vivicas. And yes, she is pretty (but so is Red Hood).

Question: Does Nat’s talent’s mana reduction stack with her Special? If yes, she can be really annoying to fight.

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Hi @fandrestb, firstly: congrats on getting Natalya in Atlantis (especially a past HOTM)! I really hoped that I was going to pull Natalya because I’m building a red-mono team, but wasn’t lucky and didn’t get her…and it’s going to be a while until she’s back.

Here’s my thoughts (I consider myself a novice since I’ve only been playing for about 6 months, so you might consider this useless …LOL!) I agree with @Gregor.Jax and @dbotelho and (additionally) have been using a Red Hood/QoH combo based on info I found in the post below (“Queen-Red Hood unstoppable?”):

above shows a different example of using red hood

Red Hood’s combined skills as an AoE attacker and Fox Minions for each ally with 14% HP (thus somewhat of a pseudo-healer) are useful, (especially with the snipers you mentioned) in an attack team.

Natalya is a mana reducer and also Burn damage over time (DoT) and (In my opinion) is best for defense with your snipers.

Other considerations:
Red is a Ranger and Natalya is a Sorcerer so how many emblems? …and who else has them?

Again just my humble opinion but I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, nearly a year after my red hood-QoH post, but nice someone remembers @Kerrang :slightly_smiling_face:
She still is my favorite hero, so clearly red hood, got Natalja a few days ago, she just seems out of time :thinking:
I run red hood on war defense with great success, being only one-shoted 1 out if 5 times. She is better on wing for me but can flank too with Kingston on wing then, but I want kingston on flank for quick attack-, red hood can take some hits, she’s tough.

Red mono team of course in combo with the Queen.

Will save gems till next grimforest for that deadly family defense, even considering for war being one of the last none red tanks in war. The only hero I want is Puss and I’m done :grin:

Overall she is the best imo and helps cruise through season2 hard too if you got problems there, as will surely help if season3 should be really difficult. I feel sorry for everyone who doesn’t have the Queen of Queens :heart_eyes:

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In my honest opinion, and I have her, it would be Red Hood 100%


Hi @vanZille, and thanks for jumping in! It’s nice to have a forum, like this E&P community forum, where we can all collaborate and share :slightly_smiling_face:

And I’m glad that my opinion on Red-QoH (referring to your post), to @fandrestb, spawned a response (from you) that (hopefully) helps with further info.

You’re quite right, the advantage of the Natalya special is that it’s immovable.

Thank you very much @Kerrang for all the help. I am clearer now and sure to ascend to Red Hood. I’ll leave you with Wilbur (4.70 + 19) and the other snipers. In emblems I currently have more than 500 for each.
I will make every effort with Natalya anyway, to count on her with all her ability as soon as possible.
The number of defenders Red Hood has is incredible, for some reason it will be!

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Your hero roster es wonderfull. I hope that in the future I can count with Guinevere, she is fantastic.
Meanwhile I will ascend to Red Hood.

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